How to Solve the Transmission Problem of Caterpillar 140h Motor Grader

Transmission is the significant part of heavy equipment’s power train. Its purpose is to take the productivity from the engine and operate it to manage the swiftness, direction and torque. Often, the Cat 140h motor grader users come with the grievances that they are facing some troubles related to its power train transmission. If you are also worrying about the same problem, read each word of the following discussion thoroughly and get to know the guidelines suggested by Caterpillar to avert this situation. Because of their multi tasking quality, Caterpillar heavy equipments employ various kinds of transmissions that embrace hydrostatic, direct drive, countershaft powershift and planetary powershift. Each of this transmission is planned to alter machine power in to exact amalgamation of torque, speed and direction needed for a definite purpose. The feature of transmission accomplishes the task with the help of hydraulic drive or hydraulic clutches. Transmission Management Guide Provided by Caterpillar for its 140h Motor Grader The transmission management guide of Caterpillar not only helps its customers to gain knowledge of transmission thoroughly but also but also recommends the operators to follow its maintenance manual in order to enhance the productivity of the heavy equipment and to augment the service life. Caterpillar, the well-renowned heavy equipment manufacturing company allocate the transmission maintenance process in various steps. Some of those strides are fluid analysis, premeditated maintenance, and systematic inspection and so on. As you continue to move down this paragraph, you get to know the importance of Scheduled-Oil-Sampling service suggested by Caterpillar for maintain the transmission quality in its equipments. The transmission oil proffered by this company helps in maximising the performance level of its 140h motor grader product. The exam result of S-O-S is facilitated to the customers within 24 hours. The test report is easy to understand where the 140h motor grader users can easily find out the problem. It saves money and time of the heavy equipment owners by detecting the problem in its early stage. The preventive maintenance plan of Caterpillar is acknowledged as the most lucrative way to keep the transmission quality of 140h motor grader in top level. This defensive sustenance plan helps the 140h machinists to avert the situation of parts failure. If the operators change the property of the oil in repeated interval, it will surely assists in enhancing the durability of the components. The systematic inspection of Cat 140h motor grader not only detect the locale troubles before they turn in to major problems and but also assists the operators to manage and design the functioning cost and downtime related to this version of Cat motor grader. Benefits of Drive Train / Transmission Oil in Solving Caterpillar 140h Transmission Problem Cat Transmission / Drive Train Oil (TMS) is a partly synthetic mix multiviscosity oil that is obtainable in three different oil types. It is chiefly utilised in hydraulic systems, wet brakes and powershift transmission. If you want to know some of its benefits, read the following cited points: • It gives the long lasting protection service. • This oil enhances the function of sheer down feature available in Cat 140h. • Helps in managing the brake chatter and proffers rim pull quality in machine. As this web page nears the bottom, it is a suggestion to all Cat 140h motor grader users to try this transmission maintenance plan for a once and witness the result with your own eyes.