How to keep your employees happy

One of the biggest challenges that many construction business owners encounter is massive attrition of employees. Once the employee works with a construction company for a couple of years, they tend to switch companies and move into a company that pays them better remuneration. This means that they have to spend a lot on training new employees every year. The number of people who stays back in a company after having worked for 5 years or more than that is very less and construction business owners have a hard time in dealing with this crisis. Though they manage to recruit experienced men but they also have to pay a higher price for having their services. This does no good to them but is a kind of money drain that they are finding difficult to avoid.

There are some very simple things that one may follow to keep their employees happy and avoid their movement to other companies.

Acknowledge and appreciate their hard work:-

When your employees put their soul and work for you, it becomes your duty to acknowledge and appreciate their work. If you fail to do so then they have plenty of other options where they can expect better employers who will appreciate their work. Appreciating their work also increases their morale and they start feeling that the company belongs to them. This will only add to the fervor of continuing the hard work for the company. It actually works big time to establish the healthy relation between the employer and the employee.

Equip them with state of the art machines:-

You can’t expect your employees to give you quality work without providing them with state of the art earth moving equipment. They need good machines to give solid outcome or else they might not want to work for you. Working on outdated machines means exerting more force on a job which otherwise can be done without having much physical difficulty if they were given the option of using technologically advanced machines.

Speak with them quite often:-

A healthy relationship is generated when you often speak with the other person and ask about his well-being. In the construction business, where most of the business owners are more concerned with profit making, the employee will truly appreciate your effort to reach out to them and speak to them about their family and their wellbeing. In case, if anybody is in a financial mess, then you can try to give them a loan out of company’s reserves and help him out from that crisis. This speaks high volume about the kind of person you carry in front of your employee.

Give gifts and bonuses during Christmas:-

It is a goodwill gesture if you offer your employees with some gifts and bonuses during Christmas. It will make them extremely happy if you give them or to the family of the employees any gifts during this festive season. It does matter a lot to them. Giving such freebies may pinch you a little but will definitely bring a big smile on the face of the people who devote most part of their days’ time working for you.