How to fix the tracks on an excavator when falling off

While you are at work in the construction jobsite, you can’t afford to see the heavy equipment not functioning due to technical snags. That is perhaps the last thing you want to happen. This is why many construction companies these days hire mechanics who come to the jobsite the moment they get a call and try to fix the issue in the next few hours. However, if the problem is grave then it may even take days for them to resolve and this will have a severe impact on your day’s work. You then have to make it up once you have the heavy equipment up and running and you got to ask your employees to stretch to cover up the pending work. This is a big problem which many construction companies encounter when they are not vigilant about the current status of the machine.

Another big issue is with tracks of the excavator getting off the machine. They just come out while you are at work and you are not sure what to do to get that fixed. Calling up a mechanic may not always be the right option though it is a recommended one. But the fact of the matter is mechanics at times have their own commitments and they may not answer your call or may take their time to come. So you got your work tied up as you are heavily dependent on a mechanic to get the track of the excavator fixed.

When you see the track of the excavator is falling off, you can try things on your own to get it resolved and may not even need the assistance of any mechanic for that matter. All you have to do is make use of the boom to lift the side where you see the track has gone derailed and use a heavy piece of wood to prop it up. In this way you simply back off the tension and then can make use of a bucket to put the track on the line by pressing it against the track. Once that is done you drive the track on from the cab. A word of caution will be do not move the excavator from its place till you fix up the track. You did not need any special tool to get this going and was also quite simple.

In case you do not see that to be working then the next best option will be to call up a mechanic or someone who had encountered this issue previously and was able to fix it on his own. He may be the guy for you and can but it back. What you got to do is check how the mechanic puts it back on track so that if it happens the next time you know what you have to do to get it resolved on your own. There are many things in heavy equipment that does not require the intervention of a mechanic and one can get things done on his own and fixing the tracks on an excavator is one such job.