How to fix a hydraulic leak on heavy equipment

Hydraulic is a technology that is widely used nowadays in most of the heavy construction equipments. This technology is very much helpful for running the functions of these equipments, because it is a fluid that moves within a confined section of the equipment and the high pressure created by this, moves the equipment in the desired direction. The hydraulic is mostly favoured by the users due to the tremendous amount of force that it generates, which helps those heavy construction equipment that needs force to perform. Nowadays, the equipments which are used at the construction sites; alone do not require this hydraulic system to be the working principle in the equipments, the small industries also make use of it to reduce the man power and costing that the hydraulic technology can offer.

What are the basic requirements for implanting a hydraulic technology into heavy construction equipment?

  • Hydraulic fluid or the hydraulic oil is the basic requirement for creating the hydraulic technology. It is this fluid that creates the pressure, which works as the main instrument of rotating or controlling the chamber.
  • A pump because without it the technology would not work to create the pressure.
  • The chamber to hold the hydraulic fluid. For that, a series valves and hoses are required.
  • A hydraulic motor and ram.

How does the hydraulic technology work?

The hydraulic pump draws and pumps in the hydraulic fluid, from the reservoir and sends it to the chamber where the valves and hoses work as the medium to create a high pressure through the pump. This high pressure then works as the main force of work for the rams and the motors. These rams and motors then move the equipment as per the directions of the user. The pressure that is created is very high, and equivalents almost 1000 PSI to 5000 PSI.

How to deal with the leakage?

Although you take ample care of your heavy construction equipment that is run by the hydraulic technology may face damage, especially leakage. This may occur due to a lack of force. If there is a hydraulic leak in the equipment, it is very difficult to deal with, because, hydraulic chambers and the entire system requires specific tools to check with the damage and the mechanics must also be quite trained.

  • Using a seal may be very helpful in case there is a hydraulic leak. Normally the seals are made of metal, but they can also be rubber rings with metal bands around it.
  • The area that has been damaged due to a low pressure, most of the time faces the damage. So, if you fix a stainless steel metal fitting, then it will create a high pressure and there will be no possible leakages further.
  • If the lines of the valves and hoses get thinned, due to constant movement of the fluid inside.  So replacing the lines will solve the problem.