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How to diagnose fault codes on heavy equipment

Knowing the nature of work heavy equipment are bound to have issues which can even result in loss of work. Therefore it is so critical to ensure that the heavy equipment are in good shape. Machines do give some hints letting the operator know that there is some issue that is getting generated in it and it should be taken care of at the earliest. These hints are known as fault codes or diagnostic codes. The purpose of the code is to inform the owner of the machine or the person who works on it about a specific problem that will crop up in the future. It then becomes the responsibility of the operator to understand the codes and what it is pertaining to. Different types of problems are relayed through different types of codes and one must know how to read them. Once you are able to read the codes and understand what it is trying to say you will save a lot on the operating cost of the machine.

One can read the codes through the OEM’s telematics platform. This is a highly useful platform that one can make use of and prevent their machines from any breakdowns happening in the future. Since the OEM’s send early notifications action needs to be taken in the right direction. For instance, if the OEM sends fault codes for over speeding the engine, one must realize that he is probably driving too fast on a steep path. The person should understand the code and bring a change in his way of driving the machine. He should be more careful while driving on steep paths as the machine has already thrown faulty codes pertaining to that subject. It also means that there are chances that the machine may develop complications if the driver does not stop driving fast on steep roads.

If you are a person who does not understand much about faulty codes then the best option would be to gather the codes and take it to the equipment dealer. The maintenance manager will go through the codes and will advise you on the future course of action. They are the guys who deal with the faulty codes every now and then and therefore it makes more sense to you to approach them with the faulty codes and ask them to set up some plan and advise you on the type of action/care you should be taking to keep the machine in order.

The owner of the heavy equipment can send the fault codes wirelessly and can alert the technician of the ground situation. If the technician sees codes that suggest him to change a particular part of the machine then he can inform the owner accordingly and likewise a decision can be taken. The owner will in no way want to reduce the productivity of the day and will therefore not take any chances. The fault codes help in a big way to increase the overall life and also augment the productivity of the machine.

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