How to develop a lubrication program for your heavy construction equipment?

Lubrication is the technical process which helps to reduce the wear without the interference of human. Lubrication is done   by mediating a substance known as lubricant (which can be solid, liquid, or sometimes gas) which helps to carry the load between the opposing surfaces.

It is important for every equipment to get it properly and regularly lubricated so that it can go in the long run. Without lubricating heavy construction equipment, your machines will fail to withstand the wear and tear of time. But, don’t be afraid! You just need to follow some guidelines and you are on the way of increasing the life span of construction equipment even without wasting any money on the technicians.

There are three main things which can develop a lubrication program-

  • Procedure which support a broader maintenance tactics.
  • What needs to be set up?
  • From where to start the procedure?

These lubrication programs can be accomplished in many different ways. The procedure listed below is the most easy and effective while bringing uniformity to the task.

  • You should be dedicated enough to give your attention to find out what parts of the equipment should be lubricated. To cover the areas of lubricating the heavy construction equipment, you first have to make a proper schedule and for this time and effort is needed.
  • You can also look into the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manual to find out what kind of lubricant should be used for the machine. In the OEM number of lubrication points are also mentioned. These OEMs are really very helpful for the beginners in this field. A comparison of OEM selection with the AGMA standards is also very essential.
  • You should plan lubrication properly to avoid any kind of damages. Everyone dealing with lubrication program should be endowed with responsibility.
  • If you really want to become an expert in lubrication then, you should have to learn when to stop the lubrication procedure. If you over lubricate a heavy equipment, then be careful, you are unaware of the damage that you are causing to the construction equipment.
  • For lubricating the condition based machines, ultrasound technology is ideally suitable. This ultrasonic inspection helps you to know which bearing needs to be lubricated and how much lubricant you should apply to it.
  • Apart from normal wear, bearing is also greatly affected by the thickness of a relative film by an adequate lubricant.
  • As the lubricant is susceptible to weather, the container with the lubricant should be kept in a controlled climatic condition (dry, covered and at constant temperature).
  • For lubrication program correct viscosity is also another important factor. This viscosity is determined by operating temperature, environmental conditions, shaft speed, and type of the lubricant, tooth geometry and loading. The tooth form directs the sliding and rolling. Whereas the speed, viscosity and surface area of the gear dictates the operating frictional mode.

Most of the person who carries on with his lubrication work does not exactly know how to schedule their lubrication procedure. By following these simple steps, you can easily be an expert in this field.