How To Construct Pipelines using Heavy Equipment?

Almost all the projects of pipeline construction occurs mainly in rural areas and this construction work can be carried out in all climatic conditions. The receiving of effective and timely supply of logistics can appear as a major challenge because of the inferior infrastructure which is a very common case while carrying out the operations of pipeline construction. Moreover, heavy equipment plays a vital role in constructing the pipelines. You should have a proper knowledge of the heavy equipment before you take on the job of pipeline project.

Heavy Equipment for Pipeline Construction

  • Dozers: – Dozer is used to clear the land where the pipeline is going to be installed. The land is levelled using the dozers to enable the workers to construct the pipeline there. Here, they are mainly used for cutting and grading. Dozers which are generally used in pipeline jobs differ in sizes according to the job requirement.
  • Shovels: – Though shovel is not a heavy equipment, still it plays an important part in the construction of pipeline. They are used to dig, lift and shift huge objects required for pipeline jobs. They are one type of excavator and power shovels which are big in size is used during the work.
  • Backhoe:- The employees use backhoe to excavate the trench of pipeline. The land which has been excavated while carrying out the work of ditching is temporarily piled on the inactive side of the trench that means where no work is being done. The depth of the excavated ditch depends on the diameter and width of the pipe to be installed.
  • Pipe bending machine: – Each joints of the pipe to be installed are suspended along the right side which is adjacent to the unearthed ditch, and arranged in such a manner that it become gettable to the personnel employed in the pipeline job. The pipe-bending machine bends every joints of the pipe to the prescribed angle at places where there is a notable underground curvature and where it is needed to change the path of the pipeline. The pipe-bending machine includes Motor Grader, Motor Crane, Air Compressor, Pumps, Skid Truck and many more.
  • Side Boom Tractors:- The collections of the pipes are lowered into the trenches through the use of side boom tractors. The trench then is filled again with the help of bladed equipment like shovel, tractor and others.
  • Dump Truck: – Dump Truck is heavy equipment used in pipeline installation. It is used to carry loose materials like dirt, gravel and sand which can be purposeful for the pipeline job. It comes in a lot of types and the contractor should choose the right one to complete the work perfectly within the said time limit.


After the backfilling ad testing work of the pipeline completed, the disrupted ground is restored once again to its initial look. Construction of pipeline is not an easy job and it calls for some maintenance too after the work has been done. The inspectors of the project have been assigned with the job of monitoring and supervising the constructional work which they have to perform with great care.