How to clean your heavy equipment

We tend to be very particular with it comes to completing our job and sending the invoice to the client to make the payment but there is one thing that we neglect a lot and which can cost a company dearly. We for variety of reasons do not give a lot of importance to maintain our heavy equipment. It is perhaps the only most important thing in a jobsite that remains covered with filth and hardly catches the attention of anybody. The operator is perhaps the only person who is concerned about it as he has to work inside the cabin and he can’t work with all the filth covering the face of the machine. Well, it does not make any sense to keep earth moving machines in dirt just by assuming that there is no use to clean it as it is going to become dirty again the next day.

On the contrary, what makes sense is to keep the machine clean, properly oiled and always up and running. Not cleaning the heavy equipment can lead to serious implication that may even result to sudden break down of the machine or replacing vital parts that will cost a lot. What is rather needed is to clean the machine couple of times in a week and if possible more than that. This will not only keep the machine clean but will also lengthen its life.

You can make use of a power wash machine if you know how to use it or can give it to a cleaner who will charge you a petty sum to clean the machine and you get back washed earth moving equipment with no filth on its body. Firstly, if you want to clean the machine on your own, you can buy a power washer and can begin with cleaning the machine right from the word GO. However, you may want to read the manual first before you start handling it. You may have used a power washer previously but if you have a new one now, you may want to try it out steadily.

Put the power washer on high pressure so that the water is sprayed with high pressure and it reaches the interior of the equipment. The interior of the machine is known to accommodate most of the dirt and grease. In order to degrease, the water should be sprayed at high pressure and should hit right at the target. This will help to clean the most critical portion of the machine. However, it is also important to add some detergent which creates foam and helps to degrease easily.

Using cold water will take more time and water to clean the machine. Therefore, it will be advisable to use warm water for this purpose. The water should not be boiling hot though. Just mild warm and it will do its work. Please note that cleaning heavy equipment on a monthly basis will not allow the grease to harden and can be easily removed.