How do construction companies make earthquake proof buildings

By using the best raw materials and putting in place the best design you can build real classy and strong buildings but when it comes to constructing earthquake proof buildings it is not just the design and the raw materials that can steal the show. It is perhaps the technology which is used to build earthquake proof buildings. As a matter of fact, there is nothing such as earthquake proof buildings because if there comes a powerful quake, not the strongest of so called “earthquake proof” buildings will be able to survive. They can pretty well manage a few slight strokes of quake but not a mighty one.

In fact, no building can ever survive a powerful stroke. Buildings normally carry their own weight and are firmly grounded on the earth. So if there is any shift in the plates of the earth it will eventually have its impact on all the buildings no matter how much earthquake resistant they are and if there is a huge shift in the plates it will bring down all that stands on its surface.

The primary reason why buildings made today can’t take even the slightest quake stroke is they being over-weight. People tend to add rooms inside the apartments and add stuffs that increase the overall weight of the building. This proves to be quite fatal when a major quake jilts the place. The tremor may not be that high but the disaster turns out to be lethal. So the basic question is what a construction company can do to build buildings that can take sizable tremors and can still stand strong.

The answer to this is to try to have a stronger base and use the best of materials. One must ensure that the entire weight of the building lies in its foundation and as long as the foundation is strong and healthy it can take on the strongest tremors. There are some ancient literature that talks in length of how to build earthquake resistant building. They talk in length of the kind of materials to be used and the design to be made to come up with a building that can stand strong even after a heavy tremor.

There are different schools of engineering which teaches how to make buildings that can take on the quake and still stand strong. Though it also talks about its limitations but it is certainly a possibility to construct quake resistant buildings but definitely not a quake proof one. Industry experts believe that it has to do a lot with the design and the kind of materials used while constructing a building. There are also few who think contrary to this belief and therefore there are various tests made to check which will work better in case of a quake. Many also believe that precast concrete to be used to build quake resistant buildings as it has shown satisfactory results with seismic performance. In a nutshell, one can conclude that for the time being there is nothing that we can call it as earthquake proof buildings. All that we can do is construct buildings with stronger foundation and using precast concrete to make it quake resistant.

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