History of Case equipment

Case equipment has a rich history that inspires all of us and particularly to people who looks at things in a different angle which others fail to see. Jerome Case was one such person who was not sacred to see the world in his own unique way and perhaps that is the reason why he is termed as an inventor and has succeeded in inventing so many equipments both for agricultural and commercial purposes. Case company was started in Racine in 1842 to produce threshing machines. As time passed by, Case achieved worldwide acknowledgment in being the first person to build steam engines. The engines were build solely for agricultural purpose, however it is now known as the world’s largest producer of steam engines.

Case never wanted to end it up by producing steam engines all his life. He had some bigger plans and worked very hard to implement them all. Therefore, in the year 1912, Case had set his foot in the construction equipment segment and started producing equipments used for construction purposes. His strategies were clear and so were his intentions. He wanted to become big in producing heavy equipments required in the construction industry and for which he knew, he had to bring in innovative ideas which can eventually shape up the company he has dreamt off.   

The company grew by leaps and bounds and was growing exactly the way Case wanted it to grow. The company after stepping its foot in the construction equipment industry, it became a leading producer of equipments like steam rollers and road grader which are widely required for building roads. In order to become a big ticket company, it had to go through several acquisitions and it first acquired “American Tractor Corporation”. Before the acquisition, both the companies were developing a technology which if collaborated together can result in a lethal combination which will serve the construction business in a much broader way. Case thus acquired the “American Tractor Corporation” and invented the first tractor loader/backhoe. Very soon, there were other versions of tractor loader and they were built by keeping the requirement of the user into consideration.

The company was very much walking on the footsteps of its founder where innovation was the key and the newest technologically driven equipments were given utter importance. Down the line, Case started producing all sorts of construction equipments like Hydraulic Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, and Telescopic Handlers. Case has always ensured that its products should not falter in quality, durability and should last for as many years as it can.

Case takes pride to introduce new equipments in the market where it’s surrounded by other big fishes which makes competition tougher. Under such a competitive environment, Case markets its product without giving any false commitments and ensures to keep its image clean. Throughout its journey from manufacturing steam engines to all sorts of heavy as well as construction equipments, Case has undoubtedly managed to maintain its excellence in the world market and has proven to be a company one can rely on.