High performance Caterpillar Scraper

Scrapers are machines which are mostly used in mines to take off the soil from the earth and fill them in the hopper; which when gets full is covered with an erect blade and moved to the place where it is supposed to get dumped. It is also used in construction sites but mainly can be seen working in mining fields. We all know for sure how efficient caterpillar machines are but here we would be talking in brief about the features and utilities of caterpillar Scraper.

Caterpillar is known for manufacturing different designs of products which caters to both construction and mining business alike. They have recently come up with a new model of scraper which has a much more powerful engine as compared to its predecessors and has the ability to work for more number of hours than it could do earlier. This new engine has the capacity of producing 410 horsepower which is more than 18 percent as compared to its previous models. Higher horsepower means more productivity as the engine has more power to pull extra stuff and gets the work done in a shorter duration. At the same time, Caterpillar has designed a new torque converter to give more power to the machine. They have also increased its capacity from 2 cubic yards to 24 cubic yards and have achieved a remarkable feet in the history of Scraper.

The engine also has a new cooling system that enhances the productivity of the Scraper by reducing jamming and thereby increases its efficiency. The machine has been fitted with “Next Generation Modular Radiators” which has 9 fins per inch comparatively far lesser than the previous models which had 33 fins per inch. This has increased the space in the machine and has relatively helped in reducing congestion in various applications.  The engine of the Scraper uses a poly-vee belt and also replaces the manual tensioning by updating it with automatic belt tensioning. They have also reduced the number of belts of the engine from four to two. Something worth stating about the machine is that the fan drive bearings in the Scraper do not require any servicing and can go on for years. On the contrary, the previous models required servicing after an interval of every 250 hours.

The Caterpillar 657 G scraper has a single lever implement control that merges the apron, bowl and ejector in a single joystick. It means that the operator only needs the joystick to elevate or lessen the bowl or to activate the apron and the ejector. It has specifically made life a lot simpler for the operator who otherwise had to work on each single function in order to get the work done. Also want to highlight the fact that the Scraper has been incorporated with a combination grab handle and a hand rest near the “joystick implement control” which helps the operator to rest his arm and eventually allows him to work for more hours.

Caterpillar Scrapers are undoubtedly one of the best machines they have produced and their constant effort towards modernizing the design has helped them earn several accolades from their critics.