Heavy Equipment summer maintenance

After having a chilled winter season, summer is probably the best season one can get to cherish. It is ideally during this season that people plan out their vacations, go out to meet their dear ones living in some other state and enjoy their lives in the warm sunny weather. However, this very same summer season which is so pleasant to many of the folks can be real bad for guys belonging to the construction industry. They may have a hard time keeping their heavy equipment cool. Just because the machines are getting hotter, they can’t pull off from work. They have to continue with their businesses and still ensure that the machine does not get blown off due to excessive heat and do everything possible to keep it cool. Heavy equipment go through number of complications during this season and they suffer chronic breakdowns. We have seen numerous instances where the machines give up when the weather is pleasant, it can become worse when the weather is actually hot.

The workers working in the construction site also finds it difficult to work in a hot climatic condition. However, they still have the leverage to cool themselves by moving in an air-conditioned room but the same logic can’t be applied in case of heavy equipment. If the operator feels the machine has got too hot, he can only stop working so that he can give some time to the engine to cool down. Due to hot weather, it will take more time than usual to cool and the operator will be losing productive time. This will lead to unwanted delay in the completion of the project resulting in many unnecessary repercussions.

Taking the heat into consideration, heavy equipment manufacturing companies are producing machines that can bear the excessive heat and can work without having to wait to let the machine cool down. However, this kind of technology has not been completely successful. Machines possessing this technology also break down causing more trouble to the construction company.

Check your equipment at the end of the day:-

Once you are done for the day, make sure that you spend some time giving a good look to your equipment. If required do some cleaning. Cleaning the machine with water can really help in cooling down its system and also remove the dirt that sticks to the inner portions of the machine. You do not have to spend a lot of time for this activity. You can devote at least half an hour of your time or may be less than that in checking if everything is in order and in case if it needs any action to be taken, you can take a call yourself or contact the immediate supervisor and get the issue fixed.

Monthly maintenance is a must:-

Other than doing a daily check-up, a monthly maintenance is equally important. Get hold of an expert mechanic who can do a monthly check-up of your machines. Changing the engine oil, applying lubricants and other necessary stuffs needs to be done during this time. Give your machine a new life and it will work for many years to come.