Heavy equipment salesman should have little understanding of the construction business

A salesman selling a particular product should have little understanding about its utility and how it can be useful to the end user. He needs to do a study on the effectiveness of the product in the life of the consumers and once he does that selling the product will become quite simple for him. Though selling anything is a difficult business but as long as you understand the intricacies of a business and the efficacy of your product in that business you will be able to pitch it in the right way. Salesman who gives more attention knowing the product often end up getting frustrated because they probably know everything about the product they are selling but not much about its use to the ultimate user. This is perhaps not the right sign to start selling a commodity.

Salesmen who are into selling heavy equipment should keep in mind the need of the customer first and why they will want to buy the stuff they are selling. This is where the importance of knowing the construction business comes into picture. As long as you do not know the purpose for him to buy the machine you will be unable to pitch it correctly. You will then try to brag about the feature of the machine but little you know if that machine is at all needed by him in his business. You lose a client in this fashion and perhaps someone else who has a better knowledge about the industry will be able to sell it to him. You may only be left to wonder what went wrong with your approach and what the other salesman did to bag the sale.

You can learn about the construction business in the trainings that are held by your companies. They will speak about the business in particular and also which type of heavy equipment is required for what kind of job. Also you can pitch in products like bucket, attachments and other accessories. So it is not always that you have to sell the entire heavy equipment. Some construction business owners need to just upgrade their machine. Now you can’t ask them to get rid of the old one and buy a new one which has the upgraded feature. He will never want to do that and it will also not be a good salesmanship on your part.

What you can do is have a hearty talk with your client. Try to figure out his actual requirement and where you fit in. it is only after that that you can pitch a product to him. Please remember that if you sell the stuff that benefits the consumer he will more likely give you more business but if you sell him items that gives you good commission then you may sold him the machine for the last time. Never indulge in such mistakes. Short term gains should never be your goal and always pitch in products that are beneficial for the client.