Heavy equipment disasters

Heavy equipment have often been the reason of numerous accidents in a construction site. Nonetheless, they have also been the reason of some major disasters. Accidents are prone t happen but when we talk about disasters, it means quite serious ones. Heavy equipment disasters are not so often but when they do occur, the repercussion could be irreparable. You may find a lot of videos of heavy equipment disasters on internet and they are all real ones and not fabricated. Watching those videos will make you wonder how dangerous heavy equipment disasters can be and you may never want one such thing to ever happen in your site.

Mostly disasters happen when you can’t figure out what could happen next and continue with your act. There have been so many mining disasters that have taken many lives. The operator was not sure how much more to go and he kept doing his job. He did not receive any proper direction from the engineer about the same and things went awry. You may come across many such cases of disasters. In some of the cases, it was also because of poor quality heavy equipment or even outdated ones.

Here was an instance that happened in Houston where a huge pile of concrete slab fell on earth moving equipment that was stranded just next to it. The machine was severely damaged. However, fortunately no one was there inside the machine and therefore there was no loss of life. Had someone been there inside the cabin, he would have died for sure. Now the operator would never know if the crane could no longer carry the slab and will leave it. Such types of disasters are quite seldom in nature but they do happen and the impact of it is quite large and irreversible.

Some tips can be followed to ensure that such type of disasters do not happen in the future.

Keep the heavy equipment under the open sky:-

When you are parking your heavy equipment, make sure that it is parked under the open sky and does not have any heavy object looming over it. There are always chances of things falling down and therefore taking such unwanted risks should be avoided.

Clear communication is important:-

Most of the times, disasters occur due to unclear communication from either side. May be the operator failed to understand or it was not effectively communicated to him. Moreover, during the monsoon or in the winters, things may become very risky and the chances of disaster happening in such occasions increases manifolds. The operator may not find things quite visible and he may take a call that may turn out to be completely incorrect. He may fall in a ditch or may get trapped in mud. Once he gets trapped there, it becomes way too difficult to get the machine out from that. It may require the help of emergency team who will come down with their equipment to get the machine out of it. Therefore, what he should do and what he should not must be communicated very clearly to him.