Heavy equipment accidents

People say that accidents are quite prone in a construction zone and one can’t do much to stop them. Well, it is indeed true that one can’t do much to stop every form of accidents but can certainly work together to minimize the incidents that is not only causing harm to the reputation of the company but also leads to losing few good men. People will not be ready to work for a company that does not give importance to their safety. Workers in a construction site understands that accidents does happen but when they see that nothing is done to take care of the situation is when they start thinking of quitting. It is not wise to lose men like this and is therefore very crucial to take stock of the matter and ensure that proper mechanisms are brought in place to avoid them.

The most common form of accidents that occur in a construction site is from heavy equipment. The reasons of accidents can be different at different occasions but one should analyze the various reasons and come out with a formidable solution. It may not be an entirely foolproof one but may still work and you can then think of more ways to keep a check on this problem.

Stop using machines that are decades old:-

Heavy equipment that is pretty old are one of the major reasons of accidents. The operator has a very hard time to maneuver the machine and most of the times; he does not see the person and bumps him off. Since the machine is old, the brakes do not work properly which could have avoided a possible accident from happening. Moreover, the levers of the machines are also old and some of them might even be rusted. Well, proper care needs to be taken of the machine which is particularly old so that they do not become the reason of accidents.

Unavailability of competent operators:-

Earth moving heavy equipment are complicated machines and they require very able and experienced person to work on it. If you allow an inexperienced or an incompetent operator to work on such machine, it will lead to fatal accidents. It is therefore very significant to hire experienced and competent heavy equipment operator who has previously worked on that type of earth moving equipment.

Purchase machines that have rear visibility function:-

Not all heavy equipment are equipped with rear visibility function. This function allows the operator to monitor things at the rear of the machine. This means that when he is moving backwards, he does not have to put his head out of the window to check if there is someone behind the machine. All he needs to do is check the monitor which gives him the video of things at the rear and accordingly he can maneuver the stuff.

Keep your employees and heavy equipment insured:-

Heavy equipment accidents can lead to serious damage to the machine as well as to the worker. It is very crucial to get the machine as well as your employees insured. In case of any eventuality, the insurance company will take care of the monetary loss.