Have some anti-theft measurements for your heavy construction equipment and be relaxed

Heavy construction equipments are very much in demand in the recent era. They are the basic requirements for any construction work taking place all over the world. However, the extremely high price of these equipments makes the construction equipment subject to theft. If you are afraid of a theft of any part of your construction equipment, then taking some anti-theft prevention in favor your machine is very helpful and mandatory as well. When you think of the anti-theft measurements, there are either too many confusing devices, techniques that confuse the owner, or the owner becomes very threatened of the situation that he fails to follow the simple way outs. Here are some simple tips that can help any owner from having to lose his heavy construction equipment.

  1. When a part of your equipment gets stolen, most of the time it is brought to the manufacturer or a dealer of heavy construction equipment for repairing or servicing the part. So, if you inform the manufacturer or dealer of the equipment about the theft, it is possible that you will get to find it soon. So, if you face a theft, you must contact the manufacturer immediately after informing the police, so that the manufacturer can go through their stolen equipment servicing database and contact you.
  2. Inscribe your name, company name and phone number on the parts of the equipment, especially on the boom, bucket, engine, frame and the other parts of the equipment. Painting the names would also work, but painted names can be easily removed. So if you inscribe your contact details, it would be easier for the police to find the owner once they get the thieves finding difficulty in selling the equipments due to the inscription. As a result of this, the thieves will avoid stealing such equipments.
  3. To make sure that nobody can drive away your heavy construction equipment, you can weld a rectangular piece of steel plate on to the rim of the wheels. When you use the locking wheel lug nuts, this steel plate will work as a lock and no one can drive away your construction equipment.
  4. Installing the newly developed ignition key system is another excellent way of managing the safety and security of the heavy construction equipment. As the ignition key is a magnetic key system, without the unique code, the equipment cannot be accessed. The codes can be the same for every part of the equipment, or it can be different for different parts.
  5. A very helpful way of preventing the theft of the heavy construction equipments is to install a theft recovery device. This is a very sophisticated device that helps the owner find easily where the equipment is lying. When the device is equipped with a theft recovery device, unless and until the thief is technologically very sound, the equipment can be recovered within a few hours of the theft.