Graders and excavators are must for your construction project

In a construction project, grading is meant to be the process in which a base is created for the construction. The machine or equipment that is used for this purpose is termed as a grader. There are different names for graders that are very commonly used for this purpose such as a road grader, a maintainer, a blade or it can also be a motor grader. The typical or traditional model of a grader has three axles, one engine and a cab that is positioned on the rear end of the axles. Other than the grader, the other very important machine or construction equipment that is most frequently used is the excavator. It is a heavy construction machine that has a stick, a boom and a cab with the controlling engine. The task of excavation by an excavating machine is however accomplished by steel ropes and winches. In case the excavators are hydraulic excavators, the functions are performed by the hydraulic fluid.

Use of graders:

The most common and wide spread usage of graders are on the roads. For maintaining the gravel roads as well as the dirt roads, the heavy construction equipment named graders are used. The function that is performed by these is to create a base or flat and wide surface area for the roads to place the asphalts on the base. Another important role that the graders can perform is the building of soil foundation for the large constructions or buildings. In countries where on the sides of the highways, a cross section or construction like a ‘V’ shape is made, it is done by the graders. The graders can also cut ditches very efficiently.  Other than these construction jobs, the graders can also remove trees, after construction or post demolition debris, or it can also remove rocks. In a single statement, if you want to comprise all the functions of a grader, then it must be said that a grader creates the surface or base of any construction or other heavy load works so that the later equipment can perform their duties.

Use of excavators:

The basic usage of an excavator is at the digging sites or trenching sites. The long stick, boom and cab that are the main parts of an excavator, very efficiently performs the task of trenching or excavating. Not only digging a trench, the excavators are used for the archaeological excavation sites also where digging and removing the unimportant large amount of debris can be performed only by an excavator. The excavators also perform their task in the process called the “earth moving”. These excavators can be of two types, either a tracked excavator or a wheeled excavator. Both type of excavator can perform with equal efficiency. However, the tracked excavators are more preferred than the wheeled ones as they have the better floatation or it can be simply said that the tracked excavators can move easily on any platform, whereas the wheeled ones have this limitation. Otherwise, they are very versatile.