Going out for vacation? Whom you can handover the business?

Entrepreneurs work hard to manage and operate the entire business. Due to which they run a risk of burnout. They should take vacation to keep a work-life balance and stay refreshed. Taking time for relaxation will make them better decision makers. However, it is not easy for them to get away from the daily routine job which is very demanding. They should bear in mind that the company can run without them too for some days so taking a vacation will be helpful activity.

The following are some of the tips which may be useful to follow when boss plans to take a vacation.

1.Advanced preparations

He boss should communicate to the employees the dates of vacation. This will allow the employees to complete the necessary projects or approve of deliverables before vacation.

In case of individual clients and direct customers they should be informed early about the absence period. This allows prioritizing projects to be completed and the tasks to be delegated to be completed later.

The boss should take important contacts and their phone numbers on computer, mobile phone and on a piece of paper. Having this list readily available will save time in case of need to contact any of these people to handle an emergency while on vacation.


2.Type of communication

One or two people should only be allowed to contact the boss during the vacation period. Especially for updating about projects, when immediate attention is required or a new client has joined. The communication should take place via emails or text messages and only if needed then by phone calls.


3.Avoid working on big or major projects

Even when boss takes a vacation, the projects will be going. However any live or major projects should not be started during this period. Since there can be initial problems and project may not get completed thus may ruin the mood of vacation.


4.Prepare and train the employees

Make a list with employees so that know how to handle various problems and emergencies Though this responsibility would be delegated to only one employee, others should be also aware of how to handle the situation.


5.Every project should have a designated leader

While the boss is on vacation, every project should have a designated chief who ensures that deadlines are met and quality is maintained.


7.Do not hand over the reins of company

Although the teams may be running the projects successfully, the project leaders should never be allowed to take any major company decisions in absence of the boss.

8.Handover the projects

The boss should set up a meeting with the person/s who will be handling his project. Hand over the document which lists the important points regarding the project in terms of source of information, main deliverables, main risks/issues, stakeholder and sponsor’s contact details. This allows the work is completed within the given time.


9.Built a dynamic and dedicated team

This ensures that the work does not suffer and is completed within the required time frame.


Thus with careful planning, putting systems in place and by trusting the team, vacation time of the boss would be spent with enjoyment and relaxation.