Go for repo heavy equipment to get them cheap

There are basically two to three ways to get heavy equipment at cheaper rate. The first one is to buy used machines that was with one owner for a long period of time and then went on to other and now again getting resold to you. So when the heavy equipment changes hands the price diminishes. This was one of the scenarios. However, in the first scenario the quality of machine is not at all up to the mark and you feel that it is better that you go for something that works faster than this. Heavy equipment that are faulty are also sold at a cheaper rate. The owner of the heavy equipment for some reason do not want to spend on the fixture of the machine and therefore would like to sell it at a lesser price so that the prospective buyer can take the onus to change the parts that has ceased to work and get it up and running. This was the second scenario and it is accepted by people who have technical knowhow of the machine. Rest does not want to get themselves involved in this.

The third and probably the most accepted scenario is buying heavy equipment from banks at cheaper rate. Now the question is from when banks started selling heavy equipment. Well, they are not here to sell construction machines but are bothered about getting their money back by selling the stuff at a dirt cheap price. What ideally happens is they sell repo machines. The heavy equipment whose monthly installments are not paid and the primary owner of the machine also does not have any intention to pay the money are repossessed by the banks who then auction it so that they can make up the cost by selling it in the open market.

Are there any buyers for repo construction equipment? Well there are plenty of contractors, rental houses and construction companies who are always on hunt of such deals. They have their men working in close nexus with the guys in the repo team who informs them about such machines and when the banks will auction them. Once they get the news about the auction, they keep the money ready. They know that they have to be there with the money and bag the deal. Some contractors even have tie-ups with banks who facilitates the machines at cheaper price. They obviously take some cut from the deal. This may not be as per the guidelines of the bank but things happen and this is how it works out there.

Almost all kinds of heavy equipment can be repossessed by banks as long as they are not paid by the owner. Many a time, in order to save their machine from getting repo, people take another loan with higher interest rate and pay the dues. But that can have a strong repercussion on them as they have to end up paying more to the other lender.