Fueling Your Car By Off Road Diesel- How Is It Different From The Normal Road Diesel?

The prices of all the items necessary for leading a hassle free modern life has sky rocketed in the last decade. And the fuel that is used in automobiles is no exception. In such a scenario, it is not unusual for you to seek cheaper options as far as running your automobile is concerned. And one such option that has emerged off late is the off road diesel.

What does Off Road Diesel exactly mean?

The very first question that must first come to your mind in this regard is what is exactly meant by off road diesel. Well, you must have come across a certain kind of red colored fuel in the fuel stations that are way cheaper than the normal fuel that you put in. Well, that is nothing but the off road diesel with a red colored dye added to it.

Road Diesel Vs Off Road Diesel

There must be a number of questions regarding the off road diesel that must be buzzing inside your head at the moment. And the chief among them must be with respect to the difference that off road diesel has with road diesel.

  • The off road diesel is not really that different from the usual diesel that you use in your automobile, except for the fact that it has a red dye added to it. So that’s Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel plus the red dye.
  • The second difference between the road diesel and off road diesel that one might point out is the fact that the latter is way cheaper than the usual Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. You might as well seek the reason behind it. Well, the reason can be attributed to the fact that the off road diesel is eliminated from the need to pay road taxes. It is strictly meant for use in off-road commercial equipments, such as, lawn tractor, generator, bobcat and the like.
  • There is also the fact that the off road diesel cannot be put to use in automobiles that are operated on the road and are subjected to taxes.

Is It Safe To Use Off Road Diesel?

Well, that is a question that has been asked a million times by a lot of people.  The answer to this depends on the perspective from which the question is asked. If it is safety from the point of view of the fuel system, then the answer will be an emphatic yes. It does not matter what dye you have used in your fuel as long as the fuel is good enough. You can be sure of the fact that your automobile will run irrespective of the fact.

However, there is the legal perspective that needs to be considered as well. The use of the off road diesel has been strictly restricted from use in on-road licensed vehicles. So, if you have a licensed truck, for instance, you cannot really be said to be on the legal side if you are making use of the off road diesel.