From Where Did the Manufacturer Come With Different Names of Heavy Equipments?

If you are working in a construction or mining site, you would day in and day out hear names of different heavy equipments. You have to listen to names such as Bulldozers, Excavators, Loaders, Chip Spreader, and Road Paver on a daily basis. If you happen to become a mechanic of heavy equipment, then these names becomes an integral part of your life and you perhaps also want to name your children on the name of these machines. Well that was on a lighter note, nevertheless we at times think who must have given them the names they actually possess. Of course, these may definitely have some history behind them and some may feel unearthing the past is a waste of time. But at times, it has been fun as well. We won’t be digging too much into the past but would still give it a shot to find out how did they come up with such names.

It is coherently argued as to who made the first bull dozer. Some say that it was Benjamin Holt who invested the first bulldozer in 1904 while others say that it was a company in England that transformed its wheel steamed traction into a crawler. They also managed to get the patent for their invention. Till then, they did not come up with any name for their invention. As a matter of fact, both the inventions were merely traction engines and none of them could be called a bulldozer. Later, a gentleman by the name Hornsby came up with his version which looked a bit closer to what we know as a bulldozer. It was learnt that Hornsby sold his patent to Mr. Holt in the year 1913 and thus they gave it the name of a bulldozer.

If we dig a bit deeper, we also come to know that the blades of the bulldozer were being used before it was installed in any tractor.  The blades of the frame were harnessed on two mules and were made to work on the fields. Once they invented the tractors, the frame was taken off from the mule and fitted in the tractors thus giving a sort of relief to those poor animals.

It’s said that this was the foundation on which other heavy equipments were invented. Following the same design and making a bit of changes in its technology, these companies started producing other equipments and gave names that fit the character of the machine. To be precise, it would be very difficult to say how the heavy equipment manufacturers came up with these names as different people related to this subject has their own view points and therefore have their own beliefs backed by some logical reasoning. It has become a matter of huge discussion which leads to showing off of numerous documents as evidence, but that hardly proves anything. Nevertheless, the manufacturers are more interested in giving new designs and better technology to the consumers and in this shaping up the heavy equipment industry for better.