Find Desired Caterpillar Heavy Equipment from Its Serial Number Guide

From heavy equipment purchasers finding for a motor model to dealers looking for casting numbers, serial number guide is the best time saving gizmo for them. This guide is provided by the well-renowned heavy equipment manufacturing companies to help their customers to procure their suitable product without wasting their time in going through the lengthy catalogue.

Showing weights, apparatus serial number, engine models, dimensions and many more for all bulky construction equipment under the heavy equipment serial number guide is available to the procurers online and in free of cost. If you are a heavy equipment user and want to buy models of Caterpillar, you need not to worry because the Caterpillar serial number guide helps you to find out the weighty paraphernalia suitable for the construction site or mining area. If you want to know what kind of brakes and other parts are equipped in Caterpillar models, you will also get detailed information on it.

Overview of Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Serial Number Guide

A serial number guide is an information catalogue that is available in both print and digital form. Most of the heavy equipment manufacturing firms present their own personal serial number guide so as to help the punters to find out their desired model easily from the long product list. Just like other organizations, the reputed bulky apparatus manufacturer, Caterpillar also provides this guide to its customers. The Caterpillar serial numbers consist of eight alphanumeric codes in which the beginning three characters are letters and the rest of the five are numbers. Earlier, Caterpillar used seventeen characters serial numbers or Product Identification Number (PIN) that helps in standardising the industry of the construction paraphernalia industry. This pin number also contains the serial number of the heavy equipment.

Information Included in Caterpillar Serial Number Guide

The serial number guide of Caterpillar is intended to support the customers in verifying the accurate equipment model year and locating the serial number plates for heavy paraphernalia. In the document of the Caterpillar serial number guide, the shoppers not only get to see the model number of any particular apparatus but also gain information about its license approval, maintenance and overhauling records, assessment report of equipment parts, evaluation sales and so on. Moreover, this serial number guide is also become a beneficial tool in protecting the costly equipment from the thieves. It is not only used by the owners of the heavy equipment but also applied by the auctioneers and distributors because it is approved under the law enforcement of weighty apparatus industry.

The Caterpillar serial number guide portrays the skill of the heavy equipment manufacturers as it includes all the essential features of particular heavy equipment. The sources of information in this guide are Caterpillar equipment makers and distributors. In this Caterpillar PIN guide, the punters can see the highest or the last serial number of a unit assigned by the company every year. On the other hand, it also depicts the lowest or the first PIN numbers allocated by Cat each year.

As you strongly consider ordering the Caterpillar heavy equipment with the help of its serial number guide, first determine the most suitable apparatus for your business. The manufacturer’s note in this guide helps the users to choose the branded heavy equipment.