Experienced men should be flexible enough to move to foreign lands

If you are a person who wants to climb up the ladder and also make good money then perhaps sticking to just one place is not the solution. You have to look for opportunities outside your city or state and if you are willing to move also outside your country. There are countries apart from US who pays good to foreign labors and especially more to Americans. They are of the opinion that Americans are more professional and know how to get the work done. Therefore the scope of you doing well in a foreign land is higher. This does not imply that you do not have much scope in home land but it is just that you get the extra mileage out there.

People from the construction arena have a wider range of possibilities in Gulf countries. So people from the US they work there for few years and then return to start a business of their own. This makes more sense to them as they are able to mint a lot of money out there and then once they return they know where they have to invest all their wealth. So they basically start up their own company. They are now able to take risks which were not possible for them to take during the time when they did not have enough money and can also strive for few months if at all the market is not doing well. So they can just sit tight with perhaps no work in hand and wait for the right moment. If you do not have money in hand, you will probably think of just winding it up and look for something else but moving to a foreign land has definitely helped you to take care of the bad times.

Countries outside US needs competent mechanics who are experienced and have the know-how to deal with specific issues related to the heavy equipment. So this gives the mechanics who have loads of experience under their belt to move to those places and take up the senior level position where they do not have to directly deal with the machine but their work would be restricted to just direct the young guys and teach them to work on machines. So you would be more like a trainer. This not only gives you a rise in your package but also augments your position.

When we speak about moving to a different place, you can also relate it to learning something new from others. People in other countries may not work in the same way as we do here in US. They may be equally competent when it comes to work but they may lack something for which they need us to guide them. In exchange we not only get a fat package but also learn their way of working which may be better than ours. So you can bring their techniques that you find to be better than ours here and incorporate it in our men. However, for that you got to be flexible to move to places. So generate the courage to move out of your comfort zone and you will find things changing for you.