Equipment used in construction

A construction jobsite will give us the picture of laborers working tirelessly with their supervisors directing them to work and several types of heavy equipment digging deep inside the ground and rest busy carrying something or the other. Overall we will find nobody being idle. Everybody and everything is doing some or the other activity. Having said this, the construction industry is heavily dependent on the kind of heavy equipment being used on the site. The owner of a construction company invests good chunk of money in procuring heavy equipment and post buying takes immense care to ensure that the machines work fine. He spends good deal of money to keep them well maintained and so that it performs when it is needed the most. In a big project, you will see numerous heavy equipment. However, the most common types of machines that are seen on the sites will be discussed as follows.


Excavators are machines that are required to excavate earth using its boom or stick. It has the potential to dig deep inside the ground and extract the soil. It is one of the most common types of heavy equipment that can be seen in almost every construction site. This is because every construction site requires some amount of digging to be done and they can’t have a better choice than using an excavator. Some companies also make use of alternatives which are undoubtedly good options but may not be able to deliver the result that an excavator can do. It can also carry the soil and dump it on a dump truck. So there is no need of heavy equipment like wheel loader to do this work.


This is yet another common heavy equipment that can be seen in most of the construction sites. As the word goes bulldozers are used to demolish anything that comes on its way. Well, not literally anything but it is ideally used to break any existing structure and build something new in its place. Lot many construction companies depend on dozers during the initial phase of their project. Most of them prefer buying machines manufactured by Caterpillar and John Deere. However there are other players who have made their presence felt and are giving healthy competition to the pioneers thus giving rise to more innovative dozers.

Wheel Loaders:-

Wheel Loaders are primarily used to ferry huge pile of soil from one point to another. It has huge space to dump the soil which is not available in any other form of heavy equipment. It can also cover a lot of distance in less time as compared to other construction machineries that are capable of carrying debris. Therefore, a wheel loader is often used in big construction projects where the chances of accumulation of dirt is more and which can be ferried easily to the dump truck.

Dump truck:-

Last but not the least; a dump truck is also widely seen equipment on a construction site. It is basically used to carry the dirt and debris from the jobsite to the dump yard. Almost every construction company need a dump truck to do away with the huge proportion of dirt it yields on a daily basis.

Construction Equipment Management

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