Ensure the Long Life of Your Heavy Equipment- Maintain the Fuel System

Heavy equipment are an indispensible part of the construction industry as those involved in the field must be well aware of. And needless to say, the fuel system is one of the most important aspects of the heavy equipment without which it will cease to operate. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that you take proper care of the heavy equipment fuel system.

Why Is The Proper Maintenance Of Heavy Equipment Fuel System Important?

Now the big question- why is it so important to maintain the fuel system of the heavy equipment? It does not really take a genius to figure out the importance of heavy equipment in the smooth operation of the construction industry. And heavy equipment can only function well when its fuel system is in perfect order. And for this to happen, the role of proper maintenance of heavy equipment is undeniable.

Now, maintaining the fuel system is not that difficult a deal provided one follows certain maintenance steps regularly. Much of the maintenance issues revolve around the proper selection of fuel and maintenance of the system. Cleanliness is an important factor as contaminated fuel can damage the system to an extent that one may find a bit difficult to think about.

What Are The Possible Ways Of Maintaining The Fuel System Of Heavy Equipment?

Perhaps the very first thing that you need to understand in this context is that each and every fuel system is different from the other. Therefore, each and every fuel system will have different maintenance issue. However, it is also true that certain maintenance factors are common for all the heavy equipment fuel systems on the block.

  • Fuel, more specifically diesel fuel begins degrading after a certain point of time leading to the formation of certain “organic” elements within the fuel system, thereby, clogging it. And needless to say, all of these affect the working of your heavy equipment. It is, therefore, best to opt for fuels of top notch quality. It would also be best if you change the fuel filters at regular intervals to ensure proper filtration.
  • It is also important to eliminate all traces of water so as to eliminate the possibilities of both the growth of microbes as well as causing corrosion to the system. So, keep track of the level of water in your water separator and empty it of water regularly.
  • Though bio-degradable fuel are environmental friendly and probably every eco friendly person out there will endorse it, the fact remains that the rate of it’s degradation is faster than that of petroleum based fuels. So, make your choices wisely for a healthy fuel system.
  • Make sure that the fuel tank of the heavy equipment is free of cracks, holes or rust, so as to reduce the chances of dirt entering into the system as well fuel leaking out.
  • It is also best to refill the fuel tank of the heavy equipment with absolutely clean fuel so as to reduce the damage to the fuel system. Make sure that you fill your fuel tank with absolutely fresh fuel and not used one.