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Ensure the cooling system of your machine is doing well this summer

Heavy equipment take quite a beating during the summer. It has been found that mostly the cooling system of the heavy equipment does not remain in order which is why the problem crops up and the entire machine goes out of service. Now after knowing the importance of heavy equipment in the construction business, it very unlikely that the owner of the construction company will take the risk to leave the cooling system of the machine unrepaired. Heavy equipment that work in states like Texas have probably experienced the worst heat and if the engine is not cooled at regular intervals, there are chances that the machine will break down every now and then. You start the engine for a couple of hours and it becomes hot like a volcano waiting to burst at any moment.

We will be speaking about some very generic cooling techniques that should be used to keep the machine going under any summer season.

The coolant technology should be checked regularly:-

Different heavy equipment companies have installed different types and different qualities of coolants in their machines. These coolants have an expire date and if they are not checked regularly then it only shortens the expiry date. Contractors are not even aware of any expire dates of the coolants and they believe that giving it to the mechanic means results to end of any and every problem related to the heavy equipment. Well, that is not the case. A mechanic only services the machine and if he finds anything that has gone wrong, he will inform you about it and only if you say so he changes the parts. Some mechanics do not bother to check the quality of the coolant as long as they are not asked to. Therefore, you should take the initiative and ask him to check if the cooling system in the heavy equipment is in place.

Make use of the right machine to complete the task:-

Though nowadays heavy equipment are multifaceted and are expected to do work that does not fall in its line of business. This has been a boon to the construction companies but at the same time when they try to make use of this boon more regularly, it may back fire. You can’t use a grader to demolish structures. Though you can use attachments to get some temporary work done but do not make it a routine. Other than that, the terrain where you want your machine to work can also be an issue. Not all heavy equipment are equipped to work on every terrain and incline. If you compel it to work where it is not meant to, then the chances of the engine heating up increases manifolds. You have to keep that in mind and ensure that you do not use your machine in places where it can’t work.

Do not overwork the heavy equipment:-

Heavy equipment has certain capacity to work and if it moves beyond the capacity the problem begins. You need to stop the machine right at the very stage where you see it can’t take any further. Also instruct the operator about it that you do not want the machine to be overworked at any cost.

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