Do Not Let Your Enemy Drive In Your Heavy Equipment – Keep It Away From Dust

Heavy equipment are huge load takers which is they have the best of the engines installed in them. Their engines are sophistically designed so that it can take maximum pressure without losing its balance and do not break off in the mid. However, due to working continuously for hours without taking a halt for a single minute makes the engine immensely hot and desperately needs to cool off before moving any further. It is therefore the equipments should have quality air filters which can flush in fresh air from outside and can help to cool the engine and also radiator coolants which can spray a mixture of water and anti freeze through the chambers of the engine and can eventually cool the engine so that it can once again perform with the same energy and vitality.

One thing which plays a significant role in heating the engine faster is dust. Though being in a construction site, you can’t do away with dust but one can certainly take measures to deal with it and thus keep the machine working round the clock. Before we talking what one needs to do to keep the machines away from dust, it is important to first understand how dust can play a mighty role in developing complications in the machine.

The engine of any vehicle is made up of several moving parts. As and when these parts move with great force, it develops friction which in turn heats the engine. In order to keep the engine moving, oil is pumped into the system which keeps it lubricated and also keeps the level of friction low and ultimately helps in keeping the heat on check. Now when it comes in contact with dust, it gets mixed in the oil that is supplied to lubricate the moving parts of the engine which in turn increases the friction than reducing it. This results in the engine becoming dangerously hot in no time leading to severe complications in the machine.

If remain unchecked, the dust may travel to other parts of the machine ceasing them to function appropriately. In other words, it means that in a matter of days, your sophistically designed equipment will get ruined by something it could have been easily protected. To get that repaired is the next big task as the mechanic will spend days to open all the parts, clean the dust, lubricate those parts once again and then check if it works like before. For those many days, you’re without a machine and that is taking a toll on your work.

In order to avoid such a situation, the simplest option is to keep the machine maintained at all times. You can’t avoid dust as that is an inseparable part of your work. What could be done is after you end the day’s work; spend some time to clean the outer part of the equipment with a cloth. Check if there are any openings which can allow dust to enter in. That should be sealed and get it serviced after every month depending upon the kind of activity it has to endure.

These few simple things will ensure that the life of your machine is increased by many more years and you don’t have to take the trouble to get it repaired every now and then.