Check out eight important things before using a machine

Check out eight important things before using a machine

Today’s life is totally machine dependent, we are helpless without machine. Growing technology benefited us in a way that without them we can’t even take a step. With advance technology you can make various shaped equipment (heavy), complicated designs easily. These help users to use machine smoothly.

While using a machine you should always be careful about certain accidents or any unwanted incident. Also to handle machine skillfully and to get great output you should know its proper usages thoroughly.  But sometimes some accidents happened with the users, especially when the user is a new operator. So, safety is a big issue while operating a heavy machine. However, you have to follow basic rules depending upon what machine you are using to avoid bad things or any kind of trouble.

At construction sites, heavy equipment like cranes or other giant machines should be handled carefully. Operators of these machines must have good knowledge and they must be well-trained at this field.

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Follow these rules before operating a machine:

  • Safety GearWearing: Steel-toed boots, masks, gloves, hats and glasses are safety gears. In minor work you should not be careless about safety gears, because in construction site heavy equipment generates so much pollution that can harm your skin, respiratory infections and can cause eye irritation too. Beside these, there are always some life risks as well. Therefore it is better to maintain this rule.
  • Inspect Machine Regularly: If the machine itself is not good then wearing safety gear will not help you at all. Visual and physical monitoring on machine is always needed even if the work is minor in order to avoid accident. Inspection needed after and before use of machineries. If any minor damage found, then it must be eliminated.
  • Acquiescing Instruction: you should remember one thing that every machine must have a certain capacity to bare load. Some heavy equipment are able to take certain loads, if it exceeds, accident can happened anytime. So, you should check out the capacity of heavy equipment before using it.
  • Signals and Signs: At construction sites high decibel noise and chaos are very common. So, it is impossible to hear each other’s word. But while using heavy machineries it is necessary to have good communication with other. So, there are set of signs and signals to communicate with other workers. Similarly there is warning signs to alert workers while working.
  • Wide berth: Every year many workers die on site, crushed by heavy equipment, struck by backhoes or pinned. So wide berth is needed for heavy equipment.
  • Double check: Double check is a good thing while working with heavy machines. You should double check your machine loads before lifting it; make sure it is not exceeding the limit.
  • Familiar partner: It is better to work with familiar people; it helps to understand each other’s signal easily which is very important at construction site.
  • Be observant: Crane operators and workers of load lift areas should be informed before operation start. Otherwise certain accident can occur anytime.