Effective greasing of heavy equipment can elongate its life

We take a good deal of effort to ensure that our heavy equipment are in order and it does not break down when we need them the most. For instance, when we have an important project in hand and need the machine to work all throughout the day, we will just not want it to stop working for any stupid reason. But in case if it breaks down due to its parts being not sufficiently lubricated, it only shows how much we care for our equipment. It is therefore of utter importance that we apply appropriate greasing on the equipment at regular intervals. This will not only ensure that our machines are in order but also will save you from incurring any financial losses.


In order for the heavy equipment to work in proper condition, appropriate greasing is very essential. Over greasing can also become a big problem which can prove very costly to you. It can lead to several complications in the machines like collapsed seals, high operating temperatures etc. So, people who are of the thought that applying lot of grease can strengthen the life of the machine can fall completely flat on their faces when they will begin to experience these issues in their machines.

Before you apply grease on your machine, it is also important to understand that if the grease is the right one for your machine. Not all kind of grease on earth will suit your equipment and in order to know what will go better with your equipment, you need to check the user manual of the product. In case, you are unable to understand that, you can also go through few internet articles that speaks about the kind of greasing you need to do for your machine. Lastly, you may also get in touch with an expert mechanic who will guide you with the lubricant you can apply on the machine.

Grease is ideally a combination of 3 components; i.e. oil, thickener and additives. By mixing these 3 components, lubricants of different types are produced. The oil that is used in lubricants is ideally mineral oil and it has been seen that such greases have shown significant performances in keeping the machine well lubricated. However, in case of extreme temperatures, synthetic based oil is most effective. The oil is then mixed with a thickener which can be a metallic soap. This will turn the soap into a semi fluid structure. Concurrently, companies are also using complex thickener type greases as it can provide outstanding capability to pull huge loads.

The complex greases are made by merging the metallic soap with an organic acid that has a very low molecular weight. Just in case if the machine is working in high temperatures, then usage of grease without any soap thickeners can bring optimum results.

For users who do not know what kind of grease they need to apply on their machines, it is recommended that they take some help of experts who knows about the different types and quality of greases and then work it on their machine.