Don’t let your equipment be the reason of pollution. Get it serviced regularly

It has been observed that construction equipment have been a major source of intoxicants in the atmosphere. It has also been the reason of many respiratory ailments in the neighborhoods and which is why people want such machines to be lifted off permanently. One of the major reasons why the construction equipment emit such intoxicants is that they are not serviced on a regular basis. These machines are used exhaustively all throughout the month and since the project goes in full swing the construction company does not have the time to clean up the machine or change the engine oil. This is not only affecting the health of the equipment but also leads to more critical problems. They become one of the major reasons of polluting the environment and make the place unlivable for the locals.

There are a number of steps that one can take to get rid of the problem.

Assign designated staff to service the machine:-

For big construction companies, it is not possible for the owner to take the responsibility of servicing the machine. He needs to delegate this work to his employees or a company like B&R Equipment. For this, he needs to select members who takes every work with utter responsibility and delivers any assigned activity on time. Such people should be assigned the work of getting the construction equipment serviced on a regular basis. The operator who works on the machine should also take the onus of informing the designated staff member if there is any problem with the machine. Keeping it with themselves is not going to solve the bigger problem and it may turn worse from there. Therefore, it becomes important to speak out if there is any issue with the machine and get it sorted in time.

Have an expert mechanic to repair the machine:-

Always take help of an expert mechanic who knows how to fix a problem pertaining to the machine. Taking help from guys who are newbie will not help. If the newbie works under the supervision of an expert then that should be fine. However, he should not be the decision maker as he may not understand the problem quite well and may make a blunder. In order to avoid any mix-ups, ensure that you have the expert right next to his associate and let them both work with the same machine.

Simultaneously, it is also very crucial to repair any part of the machine without causing much delay. If a particular part has gone bad, it needs to be replaced or else it can cultivate graver issues all boiling down to the downfall in the performance of the engine leading to serious environmental problems.

Use construction equipment that are eco-friendly:-

It makes more sense to buy equipment that are eco-friendly rather than using the orthodox version. However, the challenge is many construction companies have invested a lot in procuring the earlier version and are not ready to get rid of them. Buying an eco-friendly equipment means shelling out more money and that may not be good for the financial health of the company. Therefore, they can stick to just keeping the machines well maintained and ensure that the engine oil is changed at regular intervals.