Don’t Keep Your Roller with Loose Tracks – Enrich the Life of Your Heavy Equipment

Do you walk while dragging your feet on the ground? You certainly do not because if you do then that erosion deteriorates the quality of the shoes you are wearing. The same goes for your heavy equipment. You can’t afford to have loose tracks for your roller or else that will finish off the life of the roller. The machine which would have otherwise worked for many years will lose its potency in few years. In a construction company, machines are their main assets because it is because of these equipments that they can get their work done so quickly and are running in huge profits. Hence it becomes utter important to take care of these machines and not letting them get ruined because of loose tracks. So what needs to be done in order to prevent the machines from having loose tracks?
Maintaining your machine:- This is one of the most significant step one needs to take to see his machine working hard in the site for years. Proper maintenance of the machine will take care of the wear the tear it had to go through on a daily basis and will bring it back in shape just when you need it the most. Simple maintenance work such as adjusting the track or lubricating it at regular intervals as advised by the experts and timely inspection of the track are some of the steps which one should take in order to ensure that they are in good shape.
Adjusting the tracks:- Proper care should be taken while adjusting the tracks. If it is too tight, it will lead to unwanted friction between the bushing and the pins. This happens soon after the tracks begin to rotate. As a result of this friction, it kills the quality of the pins, bushings and other component causing a pain to the operator as well as to the person who owns the machine. The friction also reduces the horsepower of the machine. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be left loose. Loose tracks will injure the carrier rollers and other things that support it during rolling. If the machine moves reverse, the problem might turn bigger. The drive sprockets will slide over the bushings of the track and this will lead to rapid wear and tear of the sprockets and bushings.
How to determine if the tracks are set properly:- This could be pretty informative and you might want to try doing this. You have to place a straightedge over the idler and the front carrier roller. Please ensure that you remove all the slack from the track. Now take a ruler and measure right from the top of the track shoe to the very end of the straightedge. You can then refer to the manufacturer’s manual for correct measurements. You can follow this method of measuring the track on the field or else if you have the time to call an expert who can get this done, you should do that as well. This was just hands-on information on how you can maintain your machine and avoid problems like loose tracks.