Does Caterpillar have the best track loader?

It seems that almost all the heavy equipment manufacturing companies have something best to offer to its consumers. Some of the companies are good in manufacturing dozers; some are good in excavators while some are good in manufacturing track loaders. However, if one has to decide which one should he be using for completing his projects, then that would be a hard decision for him. There are few companies who have earned their goodwill in the industry by providing quality machines and offering great after sales services. In today’s time, it is just the brand that makes the sales for them. Out of these many companies, the name Caterpillar has made its mark in almost every kind of heavy equipment. Be it back hoe loaders or crawlers or track loaders, Cat seems to be the best.

If we talk about CAT 953, it has a free wheel power of 148 horsepower with a bore of 4.13in and stroke is 5.0 in. It has a displacement of 402.76 in. It has been fitted with the state of the art technology and seems to be one of the best in the industry. The track shoe type is double grouser and its standard width is 18.9 in and optional width is 15.0 in. The number of shoes installed on each side is 37 and the track on ground is 91.4 in. The drive system is one of its kinds as it has hydrostatic drive with a speed of 10 km/hr.

Apart from this, the loader is multi-specialty equipment as it can be used for many applications like excavating, landscape contouring, grading and truck loading. Ideally, heavy equipment manufacturing companies produce machines that are multi-specialty equipments and are meant to do more than one job.

Cat has another track loader model (CAT 963), that is at par with the 953. Having almost similar specification, it has been branded as one of the best track loader in the market. The one thing that distinguishes CAT 963 from the 953 model is its bucket that can be of general purpose, multipurpose or for extreme multi-purpose use. The bucket is meant to do heavy clearing, shredding topsoil, excavating, backfilling, carrying material truck loading and other loads of things. The earlier model may have certain restrictions. However, the engineers have taken notice to those limitations and therefore designed this model that is more or less based on the same line as the previous model but given few added benefits.

In case if people want to place orders to buy either of the models, they can directly approach the company and check if they can offer them with any deals. A discount in the price is what one can expect the most. Alternatively, they can also sign up for after sales service for a lesser price and in case if any of the part goes faulty, then that can be replaced or fixed without being charged an additional penny. Overall, if a survey is done wanting to know what people would prefer to buy, it would be undoubtedly either of the models.