Do not misrepresent your listing on online portal

Doing business is not the same as it was few decades ago. Then people had to put their stuffs in big stores for buyers to come and buy. It is no longer the same now. Today, we have websites that deals with buying and selling of every possible item that one can think of. You can even sell your dozer on one such website and still expect a good price from it. Selling of heavy equipment on such websites has become the trend now. There are plenty of people who are listing their heavy equipment on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Amazon etc. Each of these portals has their own way of listing items. They have formed certain rules that they want their members to follow and one such rule that is being followed quite stringently is to not misrepresent the listing on the website.

We will be discussing in length as to why almost all the online portals that deals with buying and selling of heavy equipments follows this rule so stringently.

Misrepresenting is equal to cheating the buyer:-

When you are misrepresenting your listing, it clearly indicates that you are not true with your listing and you keep the intention of cheating the buyer. Else you will not mention anything that is by any manner sounds to be untrue. Viewers while they checking out your listing, they keep some level of trust on the online portal as well. For instance, if you are checking out a crawler on Craigslist, back in your mind you have the belief that whatever is listed on Craigslist is genuine and the seller will not misrepresent the item there. So you go as per the description stated on the listing and if you like the product, you go for the sale. Now if Craigslist does not give much importance to the description part, sellers will get the freedom to write anything on the description and that will for sure lead to the debacle of the website. Buyers will undoubtedly feel cheated and will look for some other option.

Sellers will also lose their credibility:-

It is not just the portal that will lose its credibility but also the seller will affect his reliability. Buyers will find it hard to trust any seller. This is not in any manner a healthy sign for the online business. Sellers will be able to make few sales by misrepresenting the item but once the buyer finds out that he is cheated, he will definitely leave a poor feedback for the seller. This negative feedback will go completely against the seller and there is also a possibility that he will be expelled from listing any further items on the website. The website will not want people to list heavy equipment who falsify the description part and stern action can be taken against such members.

The online websites have given many of us a great opportunity to sell construction machines without any hassles. We should respect this opportunity and ensure that we list the machines giving most accurate description that we can.

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