Different types heavy equipment in landfills

There are different types of heavy equipment which are used at landfills but which particular type of heavy equipment will be useful for you, depend on the landfill’s operational needs. Its needs normally based on the conditions of the soil, landfill’s size and also the amount or the type of the waste material. Actually all the operational tasks need the use of heavy equipment. If you want to complete your task then you have to take help from the heavy equipment as an example every landfill requires such equipment in order to take waste material from one place to another place.  There are different kinds of heavy equipment which serve some of the important works in landfills. Check it out.


Different kind of trucks like Dump trucks or the truck loaders help to transport all the waste materials into the landfill compound or to the landfill. These trucks are specially used for transportation of the materials so it consists of a huge bay at the back in order to carry such materials. In the fixed ‘dump’ place of the landfill, the trucks gather all the waste materials. Cover materials are also transported by such trucks to such places and those things are used in the waste covering process.

For movement:

Bulldozers are also very useful for such works; they also help to move the waste material to the right place. Big, huge amount of materials can be transported through such vehicles which are designed with heavy attachments and provide such facilities.

For compaction:

In order to decrease the total area, compaction helps to crush the material. Compactors and bulldozers can perform such works due to their heavy weight. They make a track and move around the track in order to break up their heavy weight on the waste material. In order to compressed the waste in the dump area one has to drive such heavy vehicles over it.

For covering:

Bulldozers, loaders, trucks, backhoes, scrapers and compactors everything helps to cover the material. Soil and other such materials work as the covering material and help to cover the waste material. Backhoes help to uncover the covering material and the heavy trucks take it to the right site. The bulldozers move the covering material and the compactors compact the material over the waste.

Different types of equipments:


Excavator: The other name of the excavator is a track hoe. It basically is a large type of machine which has a ‘pivoting base with a cab on top’. There is an articulated arm which actually helps to operate the bucket and the bucket is used to gather huge amounts of rock, soil or waste. Generally people used this excavator for different types of works such as river dredging, hole digging and mining.

Backhoes loaders: It has been used in many kinds of purposes like landscaping, hole digging and demolition.
Such heavy equipments are used in many kinds of operational tasks that require the transportation of heavy material like gravel or dirt.