Construction Paving Machines are available in different specifications

A construction paving machine or simply a paving machine is an important heavy duty construction machinery that is used to lay asphalt concrete or bituminous asphalt in a road, bridge, canal, airport construction or damage repairing projects. Paving machines are available in different specifications depending upon the job site and job load.

Types of paving machines

Three types of paving machines are generally found and used:

  • Track asphalt pavers – These pavers provide greater traction for more challenging jobs where the surface is too uneven and requires more hauling. These days, some track pavers are manufactured with steel tracks for utmost perfection, the longevity of the equipment and low-cost maintenance.
  • Wheel-equipped asphalt pavers – These pavers are used where a high mobility is required along with the shock-absorbing capacity of the whole body as an undercarriage is fixed with the equipment. The undercarriage is specially designed to promote smooth paving. These pavers contain high horsepower that is often used in tough situations. These paving machines can move in small apertures making them perfect for a small area
  • Screeds –Screed paving machines are equipped with electrically heated screed plates and width adjustment capacity. For this reason, these pavers are suitable for all types of construction works. Their control system is highly sophisticated and designed for minimum human intervention. The control system for tamper setup vibration can be comfortably matched with paving speed and production rate.

Purpose of a paving machine

A construction paving machine not only lays asphalt on the construction areas but also does a primary compaction before a roller starts working for a full range compaction. A typical paving machine functions through the following process:

  • A paver possesses a hopper into which asphalt is poured from a dump truck
  • The conveyor then transfers the asphalt to the auger
  • The auger then piles up the asphalt before a free-floating screed
  • The screed the spreads the asphalt over the width of the road

The screed plays a vital role in spreading the asphalt evenly all over the area. Due to the uneven surface, some part of the road may require more asphalt while some other parts less. For this reason, the free-floating screed is used with an automatic controller and an electronic sensor.

Different specifications of construction paving machines

A wide array of paving machines is available from different manufacturers. The smaller machines generally possess 3-20 HP while the larger ones possess 100-250 HP. These machines generally run with diesel fuel. The larger pavers weigh between 20000-40000 lb. and their length ranges from 19-23 ft.

Construction paving machines include asphalt millers, asphalt brooms, and asphalt recyclers. Asphalt millers are available in two different specifications: hot and cold. They are normally used for fixing surface damages, slope control, grade control, and depth repairs. In the manufacturing process, paving machines are generally assembled from in a factory bringing its components from different suppliers. Most of the components of this machine are made of steel like the auger is made of Ni-Hard steel, the screed is made-up from steel plate, tubbing, and channel.

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