Construction of road involves many equipments

As we all know, the heavy construction equipment are the most important or rather vital component for the making of the modern civilisation. Without these equipments, none of the construction works would have been possible. Be it the construction of a building, or a road, or even a railway line, without the heavy duty construction equipments, the works would not have been done, at least not so swiftly and not without heavy labour. Especially in case of the construction of the roads, these heavy construction equipment help a lot to make such strong, smooth and long roads, that make it possible for us to stay connected to the rest of the world.

The construction equipments required for the construction of roads:

For the preliminary stage, the construction equipments that are needed for the construction of roads are primarily the excavators. It scoops out the sand, earth, and gravel from the ground to make the base for the road. The asphalt spreader make the temperature reach a level so that the asphalt can be regulated to be spread on the roadbed. Then the concrete paving machine spreads and levels the concrete on the roadbed. Some the construction equipments that are used for the construction of the roads are:

  • Air track drill: This machine or construction equipment that has an air operated motor is very suitable for opencast blasting.
  • Chip spreader: This machine spreads the bitumen on the roads and rolls them by a compactor.
  • Cold planers: This road construction equipment removes the concrete, asphalt and bituminous pavement so that the road can be opened to the traffic. This machine is also known as the pavement planer.
  • Compactors: This is a vital construction equipment for the construction of the roads, as this machine compresses the road, the asphalt, the gravels, the soil and the concrete after the road’s base has been made. This is very important for ensuring that the surface of the road is smooth. Rollers, padfoot, steel drums, pull type sheepsfoot etc. Are types of compactors.
  • Curb machine: This machine is used for the continuous creation of the curb and gutter.
  • Crushing machine: This is a very interesting machine that helps in the construction of roads by crushing large rocks into small rocks or rock dust or gravel. It is used for crushing non-abrasive and soft material like gypsum, seeds, coal, limestone or any other soft material. It is of 2 types – a jaw crusher and a cone crusher.
  • Oil distributor: This road construction machine sprays tack coat or a prime coat by its heating system and unique spray bar system.
  • Paver: This machine spreads the asphalt on the road bed, and normally this hot asphalt is brought to the paver through another dump truck.
  • A water truck is also used for the dust control.
  • A sand truck is used for distributing or spreading sand on the icy roads in the winter so that the vehicles do not skit on the roads.