Construction Heavy Equipment

Construction in this era is a booming sector and so are the sectors that are closely associated with it. For instance, the cement industry, steel industry and more importantly the heavy equipment industry also see themselves growing. Due to their close association with the construction industry, they have all been able to set their foot tight on the ground and are now making good money. The heavy equipment manufacturing industry is perhaps one of the most profitable industries as it is much believed that the entire construction sector depends largely on the heavy equipment industry and vice versa.

We will be talking about some crucial heavy equipment without which it is almost unimaginable for the construction sector to sustain.

Crawler Dozers:-

When we talk about moving loads of dirt, we can’t think of any machine other than a Crawler Dozer. They are big powerful machines that are meant for the purpose of carrying huge loads of dirt in the bucket that is positioned on the front of the equipment. The operator drags the bucket on the ground and the dirt gets absorbed in the bucket. It thus carries all the dirt and dumps it on a dump truck. These machines are used predominantly in a mining site or in a road construction site.

We can also see these machines in a jobsite that is working on a very big project where it has to cover a lot of ground and get the dirt out. The smaller version of this machine is also used as grading tractors. Al most every heavy equipment manufacturing company produced crawler dozers. So one has to check the specification and match it with his requirements to come to a decision on the brand he should be going for.


This is very common heavy equipment that one will come across on any construction of mining jobsite. Every construction project needs to dig the earth and for this they need machines no less than an excavator to do the job for them. There are various types of excavators available and each one with some superior features in it comes at a high cost. The new construction companies or small contractors often do not go for expensive excavators. They limit themselves with lower genre of machines or basically buy small version. It may not be as effective as the larger ones but is still doable.

Road rollers:-

No road work can be done without the use of road rollers. They are quite instrumental in giving a shape to the surface of the road. It easily presses the asphalt and other ingredients sprayed on the surface and give a good outcome. Road rollers have a huge drum located at the front of the machine and the operator simply rolls it on the surface thus making it smooth. Some rollers have a drum in the front and 2 heavy rollers at that rear of the machine thus giving good impact on the road. Overall, when it comes to road construction rollers are a must.