Why do the mighty construction companies have faith in John Deere?

A number of heavy equipment construction companies have come in the market in the past few years. Many of them are quite good. But most of them have failed to make their position along with a good reputation in the market. However, in today’s era, the one company that most of the construction companies blindly depend on in case of their construction machines is the John Deere company. Formerly known as the industrial equipment division, the construction and forestry division of the John Deere company started its journey in around the middle of 1950s. They began with only one dealer for selling and distributing their products in the year 1957, and today they have over 600 dealers worldwide for the distribution of the heavy equipments that are manufactured at John Deere.

In the top 100 heavy construction equipments that are always on demand of the buyers, most of them are the John Deere equipments. This is not because there are no other heavy construction equipment companies available in the market, but John Deere has achieved this place solely in terms of the quality of their products.

What are the factors that make John Deere better than others?

A company can make its place in the market depending on various parameters. Even if the company fails to cater at least one of these factors, then its future might be in trouble.

  • Quality is the key to any successful company. If the product that you manufacture is not up to high class quality, then it will not make its place in the market. Advertisement might bring it to the limelight, but for a long term business, it is very important to maintain the quality of the product. John Deere, in so many years of its career has never compromised with the quality of the heavy construction equipments that it manufactures.
  • The next most important thing is the after sales services. The John Deere company always provides its consumers with every possible customer service till their satisfaction; therefore the reliability and trust of the consumers get increased.
  • One of the most important factors that John Deere keeps in mind is innovation. They keep this a prime importance that the company manufactures construction equipments that are helpful, beneficial, and easy to handle and effective for multiple purposes.

John Deere has always focused on these factors, that has made them the most favoured and reliable company. Customer satisfaction is their motto. What the customers’ needs are and how to fulfil those needs has always been important to John Deere. Be it a backhoe loader, a barrel crusher, a crawler dozer, a grader or even an excavator, John Deere has so many options that you will be confused which one to select and which one to not. A whole range of heavy construction equipments, that are manufactured at John Deere, make them the most preferred and chosen ones by the mightiest of construction companies all over the world.