Companies That Produce Heavy Equipment

Companies That Produce Heavy Equipments

Big machines were undoubtedly the inventions of big ideas and if we dig deep in the history of these machines, we will find many people who started by thinking of an idea and later gave it a form and brought the machines in the market. They saw their own ups and downs and fought the odds with valour, not even the strongest of the storm was able to pin them down which eventually made them successful in their lives and kept their company in a fortified state. We would be discussing about some companies that started with a small idea, believed in it principles and moved inch by inch towards success.

Caterpillar Equipments:  Caterpillar was found by the Holt brothers, Charles Holt and Benjamin Holt in the year 1883 in California and only in the year 1904, they successfully produced their first commercial caterpillar tractor and it started selling like hot cakes. Since then, they have made a lot of innovative changes in the machine that made it more user friendly and technologically advanced for the farmers to complete their work lot sooner. Numerous gadgets have been set up inside the machine which helps the operator to check if everything is in his control and if there happens to be a break down in the system, he knows about it in advance and can take preventive measures to avoid a hassle.

They had also set up their branches all across the globe to expand their reach and increase their customer base. It was only in the year 1950 that they open their first overseas subsidiary in Great Britain after which they moved into many other countries. They realized that their products are not just for the people of their country but it has a global demand and they foresaw some great opportunities in the global markets which took them to countries other than US. However in the year 2001, Caterpillar stopped producing tractors used for agriculture. They are currently into variety of heavy equipments ranging from excavators to bulldozers and continuously upgrading their system and making it more and more user friendly.

John Deere:  John Deere is another such personality who has dared to dream big and is now one of the major producers to heavy equipments. It is giving strong competition to Caterpillar in all types of machines. One good thing about John Deere’s products is that they introduce us to quality. Their machines are unique when it comes to quality and they like their competitors have left no stone unturned in introducing new ideas and bringing in new technology for the welfare of the user. John Deere’s bulldozers are said to be the finest as far as its quality and durability is concerned.

Deer’s product after gaining several achievements in their home county started moving out of their shell and that worked good with them. They are now a world renowned brand and major construction house rely on their products. These are few examples which have made their name in the heavy machinery industry and are still in the process of achieving new heights in the future.