Common Equipment Used in Demolition

Heavy equipment is manufactured for all different fields of work. Each machine type has a general application that it may be used in such as dirt work and excavation. Some machines can be used for applications other than what they are primarily intended for. Crawler loaders, dozers and excavators make dirt moving equipment but they are also great machines to use for demolition purposes.

Demolition using a crawler loader:

Crawler loaders are great when moving dirt and materials. They are also very handy in the demolition side of the construction industry. Crawler loaders can not only be used to push down structures but are also used for clean and moving debris. Using a tracked loader is ideal for clearing debris because of its use of tracks to propel the machine. This allows the unit to move freely amongst the construction without worry of damaging tires as you would with a wheeled unit. Also with tracks a crawler loader can track up on to piles and clear out areas a wheel unit would not be able to get into.

Demolition using a dozer:

Dozers are typically used to push dirt, grade, and cut roads. In demolition a dozer can be a very useful piece of equipment.  A dozer can be used to push down and clear smaller structures with a single piece of equipment. The dozer can push the structure down, then it can be used to clear the area or pile the material. While not being the most efficient piece of equipment for demolition it still does maintain its usefulness.

Demolition using an excavator:

An excavator is probably one of the most useful pieces of equipment used in demolition. Dependent on the size of the machine, it would be able to take down most structures big or small. Excavators are very versatile in demolition because of the different types of attachments available. An excavator can be attached with hammers, claws, buckets, thumbs, magnets, and shears. All of the attachments can be used for the various aspects of demolition. For example an excavator with a hammer can be used to break down a structure, then swap over to a claw then use the machine to clear and load the debris. Alternative to using those attachments an excavator with a bucket and thumb could do both. The thumb attachment allows the excavator to grab and hold on to debris as it is picked up.

Depending on the needs of the job any of the machines are suitable for demolition. Whichever machine is chosen would be based on the needs and demands of the work load.