Check out the process of repairing the heavy equipment tires.

All kind of tires use different types of steel, rubber and fabric in order to make it strong and sturdy. In order to make a heavy equipment tire you have to use such similar processes. But if you want to make a tire that can resist solid pressure and abuse then you have to vulcanize the rubber of the tire with high temperature heats and also apply huge quantity of steel and fabric. The rubber helps the proper nail to create a hole in the tire. There are different types of tires such passenger tire and industrial tire. Passenger tires are very smooth but not so flexible and this quality of this tire helps the patches to maintain its proper place. In order to have good flexible quality industrial tires need a plug. So if you want to repair such tires follow the instructions carefully.


  • At first you have to clear out all the blockage of the tire and carefully point out the damages. If you found that a small or medium kind of holes on the tire then it can be repaired with a small plug. But it should be replaced if it faces extensive damages.
  • Examine the hole properly then use the tool from the big tire repair kit. The tool actually looks like a big size needle that also has a handle. It will help to clean the hole. So if you want to clean the hole then you have to run it around the hole for few times.
  • Use the hole-cleaning tool in order to clear the hole. First push the tool into the hole and then twist the tool for sometimes and then take it out. It will definitely help the plug to become large and it also will be easy to insert the plug.
  • You will get a lubricant along with the tire repair kit and it is very useful for tire repairing service. You have to dip the tool into that lubricant and then you will be able to lubricate the hole by pushing the tool into it.
  • Then you have to insert the plug in order to push it through the hole. Try to insert the plug with the help of that tool into the hole. You always have to push the plug repeatedly until the very small part of the product remains exposed. Spin the tool very softly and it will definitely help to release the plug.
  • After inserting the plug you have to envelop the plug with rubber and cement. Keep the cement there at least for five minutes before using the patch.

All these steps will help you to repair your heavy tires. In recent time people usually make vulcanized tire. In 1843, Charles Goodyear first invented this process. These kinds of tires are very strong, steady and waterproof and all such qualities allow it to become the best tire that can carry huge loads.