Check out the list of some useful attachments of heavy equipment

There are many names of heavy equipment, another name of such equipment are earthmoving equipment. The name of such equipment makes it clear that these are very heavy and also can handle many functions at a single time. Skid steer also is a very flexible handy and adaptable piece of heavy equipment machine. It also has some other names like slide loader or slide steer loader etc. The skid steer is very much similar to a small sized excavator and this machine can perform various types of tasks.

The skid steer is considered as the most versatile and also unique machine and the main reason behind this is its capability to move different kinds of heavy equipment through its attachments. These attachments are made to perform many specialized tasks.

Check out the list of the skid steer attachments and also the tasks that they actually perform

  • Dozer blades: This is a very useful attachment for grading, reshaping or pushing purposes.
  • Hydraulic spreader: This attachment is used for spreading sand or salt on ice during winter seasons and in summer it helps to spread grass, fertilizer and grains.
  • Backhoe attachment:  It is a very useful machine and it helps to perform tasks related to excavation.
  • Bucket sweeper: It also helps to perform many tasks especially the heavy cleaning tasks. The other name of this attachment is angled broom.
  • Hydraulic breaker: Through hydraulic breaker people are able to break some harder materials like rocks and concrete.

There are some other attachments also that are used to perform several other works like demolition, truck loading and fence-hole drill.

  • Trencher attachments: This attachment is used to digging trenches ‘ranging from two – six feet deep’.
  • Pallet Forks: This attachment helps pick up pipe and pallets.
  • Pallet box rake: This attachment helps to tear up the grasses which are older and also help to remove debris and stones from field at the same time.

The above attachments are very popular as you can see such attachments during the time of road construction or even for tree clearing operation and other various operations. In this modern era where people experience development every day, you also can see new attachments with the help of technology and such attachments will work faster.  Some modern techniques also will be invented in order to operate such attachments easily.

You have to make sure that whether all the attachments are lowered or not. If you are using a bulldozer or backhoe then you should put down all the arms and blades. When you will shut down your machine then you should also carefully notice that whether these attachments are secured or not. People use heavy straps, a chain or thick rubber bands along with a hook to secure the attachments. In order to move your equipment you need to secure all the attachments very carefully.