Check out the different parts of Articulated Trucks

One of the strongest vehicles that have been used for commercial purposes is articulated dump truck.  There are no such vehicles that are so strong like articulated trucks. You may be aware with the fact that this strong vehicle has been made particularly like this for many good reasons so that it can run on stony or muddy area along with the huge loads that it need to carry during work time.  Articulated trucks have to carry huge loads that a normal truck cannot carry. It is made in this way that it can take such loads and it is perfect for working in any condition. It is actually able to move easily in such conditions and there are oscillating hitches in the vehicle that separate it from the cab and help the cab as well as the body to move perfectly by maintaining a distance from each other. This eventually helps the truck to decrease its stress and help the wheels to stay on the ground.

  • Great chassis:

If you want to know the best feature of these articulated trucks then it is sure its movable chassis which is great actually. A regular or normal truck is made of one chassis and it bears the cab and the bed. However, an articulated truck is very different. There are two main parts of the truck. One is the cab and the other is the body that carries the dump bed. A big movable hinge helps to connect these two different parts of the vehicle.  Due to this amazing set up this truck is able to move in any kind of condition.

  • Awesome steering:

It has a different steering system as well. There are two large hydraulic rams in the vehicle which are connected with the bed and cab. This system helps the truck to take good turns and improve its movement.  You will find the usual ‘rack and pinion’ steering system in the normal trucks but when it comes to articulated dump trucks you will find that great hinge steering system which is really very flexible. For this special system the truck is able to carry huge loads and handle it properly.


  • Amazing lock system:

You will find this articulated trucks in three different drive configurations and that are 4*4, 6*6 or 6*4. Through a different lock system every tire of the truck gets power in order to move the vehicle. This lock system is designed perfectly so that the truck can perform perfectly.  This truck consists of different types of engines and transmissions only because of the fact that it has to move under critical condition. Usually all the normal trucks cannot move during such situation so articulated trucks are really very useful.


  • Cab:

All the cabs are made with great care. You will find the driver’s seat at the central point of the cab and there is enough space for at least two people.

With all these special system an articulated truck is far better than a regular or normal truck.


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