Caterpillar truck has been designed to cater to the new market

Wants and requirements of the customers keep on changing with increase in demand of new technologies. Construction companies are always in the hunt for something new that can make a difference to the way they do business. This definitely does not mean a change in the way of doing business but a sort of change in the technology that helps us to conduct business easily and with precision without compromising the quality of work and the end product. The heavy equipment manufacturing companies pay a lot of attention to the needs of the customer and hence produce machines that make work far simpler than could have ever imagined. One such company that has made a reputation in producing quality products after knowing what the customer wants next and has given the word innovation a new dimension is none other than Caterpillar. Caterpillar specializes in producing machines that no other company has even given a thought to. From bulldozer to excavator or backhoe loader to crawlers, they are simply the market leaders. Likewise, there is one such thing that most companies have not paid much attention and Caterpillar has made a mark in that as well. After keeping the needs of the customers (local as well as global) in mind, they have designed trucks that are worthy of carrying tons of material with low maintenance costs attached with it.

Caterpillar is proud to have manufactured CT681 heavy trucks. It looks very similar to the ordinary trucks but the moment you view the rear of the truck; you see the steer axle shod with very large tires. The axle’s center is said to be the shortest with just 28 inches at the back of the bumper. It is said to be the shortest in the business. By manufacturing this truck, Cat is targeting customers who are operators of dumpers and mixers. Cat is seeing them to be the primary customer as they are the ones who will be benefitted with this machine. If you are of the mind that it could be used only to set off dirt and dump, then you should read how well the truck can be used to remove the snow from the roads. You only have to attach a big plow blade to the truck and that should be all to clear off the snow from the road. Caterpillar for this reason is also targeting highway departments as they can be a major customer who will require such trucks. Caterpillar has not worked much on the looks of the truck and hence if you check, you may find it like any other ordinary truck. However, the feature that’s added onto it is just amazing. The engine is 12.4 liters and has a horsepower of 430 at 1700 rpm. This is an axle forward version unlike the ones made earlier which had it backwards. Cat executives say that they are taking time to learn things better and give the world class products.