Caterpillar Inc. is about to bring their latest discovery, the M series of wheel loader to the market by 2014

Caterpillar Inc. is going to launch its most awaited wheel loader in the next year. This wheel loader from its latest “M series”, which as an extended and updated model of the “XE series”, contains all the features of the XE models, as well as many additional ones. The features that will be additional in the M model are: an increased and spacious size of the cab section, a modified and improved 12-ton 982M engine capacity, and all the other features of the 962, 950, 966, 980 and 972 models of wheel loaders.

As the company has understood the immense need for the equipment in any construction industry, there has been a tremendous trial for developing and increasing the qualities and features of all its wheel loaders. The company had started producing the wheel loaders as the G series, with a Tier 1 working principle. Since then, the Caterpillar Inc. has moved on to making its fifth generation machine, the M series wheel loaders. Before the M series came into the news or in front of the world, there was the K series of wheel loaders which was the most common among the users. As per the cost of the wheel loader, the fuel efficiency of the equipment was 25%. The company claims that this time, in the M series of the equipment, it has increased fuel efficiency.  The split flow oil system and the use of multi viscosity oil has made this fuel efficiency possible. What makes this new series of wheel loaders different from the rest of the wheel loaders is that it has a standard lock-up clutch torque converter. This matches the engine power and the hydraulic system of the equipment as designed by the company

By the beginning of the year 2014, the Caterpillar Inc. will offer the users with their first set of heavy equipment designed as the models 966M and the model 972M. However, during the middle of the next year, the company will have to meet the expectations of the users by providing the other two models namely the 980M and 982M. But the highlight or the most talked about models of the M series wheel loaders from the house of the Caterpillar Inc., will be available in the market by the end of the year 2014.

Caterpillar Inc. always comes up with innovative ideas and they keep renovating and modifying their equipment. The M series wheel loaders that the company is about to launch very soon is the Tier 4 or the latest engines from the house of the company. The most amazing feature that these engines have is that they are run by the Cat Regeneration System, a system that Caterpillar Inc. claims to allow those engines which have a horsepower of 175 and can be sold in the countries that are without any modification and are considered as lower regulated.