Caterpillar Heavy Equipment- A Name to Be Trusted

Heavy equipment form an integral part of the construction industry. If you are someone who belongs to the construction industry, then dealing with heavy construction equipment must come as second nature to you. And for being successful in the field it is important that you select the best quality heavy equipment for your construction purposes. And the range of heavy equipment from Caterpillar no doubt serves the purpose to the best possible extent.

The Caterpillar Corporation

Born out of the fusion of Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L Best Tractor Company, the Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Company has gone on to become a name that is widely relied upon as far as heavy construction equipment are concerned. Having its base in California, it has been providing the construction industry of America with some of the best quality construction machinery for quite some time now. Today the company is a global manufacturer of all kinds of heavy equipment, right from Articulated Dump Trucks, Dozer, and Tractors to Compactors, Drag Lines, Excavators and the like.

The Caterpillar Range of Heavy Equipment

The Caterpillar Corporation has a number of heavy construction equipments to its credit that has been a great help to quite a number of construction companies.

The Caterpillar Articulated Dump Truck is perhaps one of the most popular and ever in demand heavy construction equipment to exist. There are a number of models from which the companies can pick, depending on their requirement. Each Articulated Dump Truck from Caterpillar has been designed in a manner such that it is easy to operate, simple and comfortable, with more productivity and less maintenance hassles.

The next equipment on the block is the Caterpillar Asphalt Pavers, used for paving asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots and the like. It includes which three major variants, viz, the Wheel Asphalt Pavers, the Track Asphalt Pavers and the Screeds. The Caterpillar Excavator is equally important heavy equipment in the construction arena. The four variants of the Caterpillar 300 Excavator family offers four variants, from which the construction companies are free to choose a make and model of their choice- the small, mini, medium and large Excavators. Like the Excavator, the Dozer family also comes in three variants, viz the small, medium and large Dozers.

The Caterpillar Draglines, available in three variants, viz, 8200, 8750 and 8000 are also supposed to be quite an important tool in the mining and construction industry. It does not really need a genius to figure out the importance of drilling equipment in the construction arena and the Caterpillar Corporation offers two variants of drilling equipment for construction purposes, viz, Rotary Drills and Track Drills.

The Caterpillar compactors have also been designed in a manner so as to cater to the variety of purposes for which it may be required. The Soil Compactors, the Landfill Compactors, the Vibratory Soil Compactors are all designed by the company in such a manner so as to fit the demand of the construction companies.

The Caterpillar Heavy Equipment manufacturing company, therefore, always strives in supplying the construction and mining industry with high end heavy machinery that caters to their particular requirements.


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