Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer

The role of a bulldozer is quite eminent in the construction and mining industry. It is needed more at sites where there is an existing structure that needs to be demolished. You need a big dozer to maul that down and a company that has been producing dozers for years can make a big difference when it comes to manufacturing big heavy dozers. Caterpillar is one such company that has pioneered in making bulldozers and is known for making real tough machines. It is not just known for high quality dozers but is also renowned for manufacturing other forms of heavy equipment that is required in day to day construction activities. Having said this, they simply specialize in manufacturing dozers. They try to know the changing needs of the customers and give their shot in producing as per the customer’s expectations.

CAT has introduced D9T dozers which has achieved accolades from millions of people from all over the world. Talking about its specifications, it is a C18 ACERT model having a gross power of 464 hp and a net power of 410 hp. The power is measured at 1800 rpm and has a displacement of 1106 cu in. The operational weight of the machine is 47900 kg and the fuel capacity is 889 litres. The cooling system fuel capacity, engine oil capacity, hydraulic fluid capacity and power train fluid capacity are 104 litres, 38 litres, 89 litres and 164 litres respectively. The operating voltage of this piece of metal is 24 V with alternator supplied amperage of 95 amps.

If we check the transmission we see the type as Power Shift with 3 forward and reverse gears. The maximum forward speed is 7.3 mph and maximum reverse speed is 8.9 mph. The ground pressure of the machine is 16.1 psi and the ground contact area is around 6569 in2 with a standard show size of 24 in. The number of shoes it has on each side is 43 and the total number of track rollers it has on each side is 8. The track pitch is 9.4 in and the track gauge is 7.4 ft in. It has been fitted with hydraulic pump system that has a relief valve pressure of 5875 psi and the pump flow capacity is 101 gallon per minute.

The total width of the standard blade is 14.3 ft in, height is 6.4 in. It has a capacity of 17.7 yd3 and a cutting depth of 23.9 in. Moving to the dimension of the machine, the total length with and without the blade is 21.8 ft in and 16.1 ft in respectively. The total height of the cab is around 12.5 ft in and the length of the track on ground is 11.4 ft in with a ground clearance of 2 ft in.

Caterpillar has made sure that the price of the dozer should be within the reach of most of the customers and that they should not find it unaffordable to buy. Therefore, if one is looking for a bulldozer, they should definitely check the specification of this machine and check if that suits their requirements. Most it will fit in their budget and should not be hard for them to buy it.

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