Caterpillar D7E Dozer

One of the biggest problems that majority of the construction companies were experiencing was their dozers consuming more fuel and they were indeed looking for. Something that can do away with this maximum fuel consumption and pays more attention in higher productivity. Many heavy equipment manufacturing companies have come up with dozers making tall claims but they were somehow not able to prove their metal when were put to test. Caterpillar was also experiencing difficulty in producing a dozer that can maximize its productivity by consuming less fuel. However, in the year 2009 they were able to produce D7E Dozer that was way better than its contemporaries produced by other companies.

It is believed that since 2009 many customers who were using CAT D7E dozers on their jobsites were able to save gallons of fuel which was otherwise not possible in the earlier versions. When we are talking about low fuel consumption it did not happen by compromising its performance. CAT made sure that the product they would manufacture should be of top notch quality giving the same user experience to the end users. This is why people who were using D7E dozers never had any issues with its performance and if anybody had any issues, CAT proactively got rid of those problems.

CAT engineers have installed an innovative diesel-electric power train which has a capacity of delivering up to 30% more fuel efficiency thereby raising the production level by 10%. All this has led to one big thing and that is it saves a lot of money of its customers which they can reinvest it in future projects. Operators working on this machine can operate it with ease as it has a bigger cabin that can fit him easily and also allow him to move around without hitting any of the levers by-mistake.

It is also fitted with stable blade control that allows the blades with auto adjust. Therefore, now there is no need for the operator’s input and all can be done automatically. This will also ensure that the grades are more precise as they are automatic in nature. Then they have the traction control that can sense the track slip and can accordingly make appropriate adjustments. This is used to develop load consistency which will result in greater productivity.

CAT D7E dozers do not require maintenance every month. However, one should make sure that they are serviced at regular intervals or else it may result to severe wear and tear. Concurrently, if any part of the machine becomes obsolete, it can be replaced by company made parts which is easily available with the authorized dealers. You only need to call them up and they will send it to you or you can even collect it from their store.

If you want to buy the machine you can reach out to the authorized dealer and buy it from there. Please read the user manual before you start working on the machine. Even though you have operated machines like these before, it is prudent to go through the manual before you hit the deck.