Caterpillar D6 or D6T Bulldozers – Which One Must You Go For

Bulldozers play a very important role in the construction industry. With the help of a bulldozer, the land is levelled and the place is made suitable to walk on. It paves the way for the people to move on it and allows them to work on the construction site. It is believed that bulldozers were the first heavy equipment to have ever been built for construction purpose. Prior to this, manual labour was the only source that was used for construction. However, this belief of many has often been challenged by others who have their own claims in this matter.

Something that has come out of various discussions held in different forums is the fact that it would be difficult for the construction business to survive without the existence of a bulldozer. There are many companies who claim to manufacture quality bulldozers. However, here we would be speaking about the Caterpillar D6 and D6t bulldozers and will try to understand which one should a company go for.

Let us first discuss about Caterpillar D6 dozer. They are one of the oldest models of bulldozer that has been produced by Caterpillar. It was first produced in the year 1935 and was fitted with 3 cylinder D6600 engine which had a horsepower of 45hp. It later introduced 2 more series which was powered by D4600 engine thus giving more power to the machine.

More than 2 types of blades can be installed in a D6dozer. The first one is a straight blade which is a shorter one and has no lateral curve or side wings. These types of blades are used for fine grading. Then we have the universal blade which is completely contrary to the straight blade. These types of blade are tall and are much curved with large side wings which are used to carry huge load of material. They also have a combination blade which is more like the straight blade and has less curves and smaller side wings.

If we talk about the rear of the dozer, it can be installed with stuffs that compliment the front blade. In order to add weight to the machine, large slabs of steel can be added to the rear which becomes useful for heavy dozing works. It also had a Cable control unit which was used to pull towed scrapers. This has now been supplemented by hydraulics. Installing a linkage with plows in the front makes it suitable for agricultural purposes.

The D6T dozer is comparatively better than its predecessors. It has earned its goodwill by proving the kind of machine it is. Right from generating high productivity to getting a resale value for it, you can remain assured on every piece of it. It has a horsepower of 205 hp much more than D6 dozers. It comes handy in work like dozing, scraper work, ripping, constructing oil pads, and many more such things.

Operators comfort has been given a lot of attention and stuffs have been redesigned in such a way which makes works easier for the man on the seat. With ever increasing wants of the consumer, With more features being added to the D6t dozer, it seems to be an ideal equipment much to the wants of the present day consumers.