Caterpillar D5K2 Dozer

Caterpillar D5K2 Cat GRADE with 3D

Grading has never been a simple job for the operator. It takes highly skilled men to do the job and still there are times when the skilled men find the job to be difficult and look for other ways and means to finish it. As a matter of fact, no construction related job is simpler. It all takes good deal of effort from the part of the doer to complete any work with precision. If you are a person who gives a lot of stress on quality then you need to have the best men working for you along with the best equipment. You can expect your men to deliver phenomenal results with poor equipment. So the type of heavy equipment you have to do the job plays quite a crucial role in the overall quality of the job. Grading is termed to be a difficult job as the land pattern is not the same at every place. Other than that the type of soil also plays a major role in grading a piece of land. Therefore it is a must to have the best grading heavy equipment to do the job.

Caterpillar D5K2 grader with 3D is just the type of heavy equipment that every construction company engaged into grading business will look for. Caterpillar has been known to provide the best in the industry. It does a thorough research on the needs and wants of the consumer and then come up with its product. Today, the pulse of the people is that they want things to be simple yet a lot efficient. They do not want to waste their time in understanding the complex technicalities involved in a machine. On the contrary, they would love to go with something that is easy to understand and also effective. They just do not want their business to suffer in any manner and continue using applications that are not at all complex in nature. Keeping this in view, the D5K2 CAT Grader was brought in the market.

The 3D control installed in the CAT grading machine is an integrated grade control system that makes life really simple for the operators. It enables them to improve their grading efficiency, productivity and get the work done with utter precision. The D5K2 grader can also be used for dozing application. So fine grading is just one part of it, if you want to use the machine for dozing work that can be done as well. The machine has a couple of antennas positioned on the roof top of the cab and thereby it completely eliminates any conventional blade mounted masts and cables. So no need to climb on the blade to remove the blade mounted masts and the cables.

New technologies are installed in this machine that can improve the productivity level by almost 50%. It has an in-built AccuGrade-Ready option which adds versatility by allowing the operator to use other CAT Grade technologies. So the operators will now be able to have an in-cab display of the grade plan, cut/fill information and other grade indicators thus highly impacting the productivity in a positive manner.